The state holds 15% of the Republican delegates needed to secure the nomination, but we’ll have to settle for spectator status.

With apologies to Yogi Berra and thanks to Rick Santorum, the fat lady has thrown up. It’s over.

Mitt Romney is the only Republican presidential candidate still on his feet. And he won’t need to lean on California to win the GOP nomination.

Californians really won’t matter when they finally vote June 5.

There had been much speculation — even predictions — that California’s primary would be “relevant” and perhaps “decisive.” Or that we could play a crucial role by denying the frontrunner the clinching delegates, thus thrusting the nomination fight into a historic “brokered” convention in August.

Pure fantasy. Wishful thinking by a media that yearned for an exciting story to cover — and by Democratic pros who relished the Republican bloodletting.

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