Good guys with a gun 1 bad guys with a gun 0.

It’s too bad that there isn’t any sound to go with the security camera footage, as I’d really like to know what was so important for robber number two that he felt compelled to answer his phone during an armed robbery of a Frenso, California jewelry store.

I’d also like to know what he was trying to accomplish with the counter flop at the 37-second mark. I’m going to guess that he was trying to climb over the counter, but failed thanks to taking Common Core physical education classes.

In any event, the robbery didn’t quite go off as they planned, and they fled empty-handed and easily-recognized after the owner came out of the back room with a shotgun:

Noe Guzman is the clerk who let the two young men into the store. Tuesday at the store, Guzman said one bandit started asking him questions about bracelets when the other pulled out the gun.

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