As long as Holder has Obama’s support, he’s relatively safe. But would the president consider throwing his friend under the bus to salvage something out of his second term?

The White House will be forced to gauge the level of heat it can stand to take from the controversies enshrouding Holder.

Several liberals have already called for Holder to resign, including Bill Press and Keith Olberman. The Huffington Post has also called for Holder to step down or be fired. The steps Holder has taken to mend fences with the left and the MSM are superficial and aren’t likely to convince anyone that he should be in charge of reforming DoJ procedures on press subpoenas.

So does he go, or stay?

The heat is only going to increase if the House Judiciary Committee determines that the AG lied under oath about his involvement in press subpoenas. Even some of his allies admit he misled congress on that score and the only question is if he did it deliberately. He’s already gotten a contempt citation from the committee and a charge of perjury would probably be the end of him.


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