In 2008, Barack Obama utilized demographic shifts, his campaign’s unprecedented financial resources, and his unique political profile to expand dramatically the electoral map for a Democratic presidential nominee, carrying formerly deep-red states like North Carolina, Indiana and Virginia.

Four years later, Mitt Romney may have reason to believe that he can make competitive a state or two thought to be safely in the Democratic column.

Some influential Northeastern Republicans are already encouraging the all-but-certain GOP nominee to invest some resources in a region of the country that has been anathema to Republican White House hopefuls in recent elections.

“I do feel ultimately we can put Connecticut in play for our seven electoral votes,” said state Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, who noted that Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush carried the state. “You can put conventional wisdom aside with this kind of nominee. You can look at the map a little differently and see if we can make Obama compete up here, and it’s certainly something [Romney strategists] are listening to.”

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