Can you speak Chinese? If not, now would be a good time to start learning.  It is a demonstrable fact that Barack Obama’s policies and actions as president have weakened America and strengthened China. In their new book, Bowing to Beijing, Brett Decker and William Triplett II go into great detail concerning the price all Americans are paying because President Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress have transformed America into the world’s largest debtor nation with China holding most of the IOUs.  So why is being up to our necks in debt to China such a bad thing?  Decker and Triplett give the following reasons:

  • Decision making in Congress and the White House is now influenced by a fear of angering America’s chief bondholder: China.
  • Being in debt to China diminishes America’s influence in the world at the same time that China’s growing economy gives it more influence.
  • America cannot compete against China in the global marketplace when China has the ability to turn off the funding spigot any time we appear to be making progress.
  • China’s currency is undervalued—a fact that puts America at a disadvantage in international trade.
  • China has shown a propensity to form alliances with rogue nations that are committed to America’s downfall.
  • China’s rapidly growing demand for natural resources will drive the cost of oil, coal, and other essential commodities ever upward.
  • China’s human rights record is abysmal, but America’s ability to do anything about it is limited by the debt that hangs over our country’s head like the sword of Damocles.
  • Religious and political freedom are foundational concepts in America but in China they do not exist. As China’s influence on America grows, what will happen to the First Amendment?

The Soviet Union fell not because it had a weak military, but because it had a weak economy.   When the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union crumbled, Americans celebrated the end of the cold war.  What we did not know was that the winner of the cold war was China.