House Republicans are poised to take on the Obama administration’s “job-destroying regulations” when Congress reconvenes shortly after Labor Day.

In a memo to GOP members on Monday morning, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor outlined what he and other Republican leaders consider the “top 10 most harmful” Obama administration regulations. Citing recommendations from committee chairmen, Cantor called for the repeal of those regulations and offered a “selective calendar” timeframe for doing so.

Regulations that Cantor specifically targets include the National Labor Relations Board’s case against The Boeing Company, new Environmental Protection Agency ozone and coal rules and “grandfathered health plans” rules stemming from the president’s health care overhaul.

President Obama is set to unveil his own jobs plan in early September. While little has been revealed about the plan, it reportedly includes a “national infrastructure bank” whose role would be to stimulate the economy through government spending on construction projects.