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Pearl Harbor 70th

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pearl harbor 70 cartoon

Attribution: Parker, Florida Today

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  • sid


  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Thank you for your service…

  • Anthony


  • LilyonHamRadio

    Thank God we have Hero’s in America. I love our Military, being a SF’s Military mom aside, there’s nothing better then a person to whom knows love of Country and risks all to prove it. They deserve the very best from the land they fought for, the government, yet so many are left to fend for themselves. Shame on our government.

  • john j

    Dec. 7th 1941 , let the kids of tomorrow , still understand what happened on that day , and that it was supposed to be a Navy vacationing area , instead of a grave yard !

  • john j

    Awaiting moderation ? Give me a break !

  • Yellow Horse

    My dad was there at Pearl Harbor on that day!!! He passed away about 4 years ago> I salute him and all of the others for their Great Service!!!

  • Luke Dubya

    My father was on the light cruiser CL46 USS Phoenix parked right next to Battleship Row. My father passed away in the 60’s due to stomache cancer brought on by massive ulcers. The ulcers actually were the reason for his medical discharge, as he was career navy 1938-49.
    That Generation was tough. They did what was needed and more. Many gave their lives so we could live in Freedom now. I propose a silent prayer of thanks for all of that Generation – The Men, Women and the kids, all who gave and suffered. From the heart, Thank you.

  • mikey

    Everyone Did their part, no one argued that they had done enough.

  • donl

    Our servicemen is why we are (at least for now) still a free country. I spent four years in the military in europe. I have seen what communisim & socialisim can do to people first hand. It’s sickening. I have more respect for our military people than any other profession. And the democrats couldn’t care less. Thank you military people.

  • Frankie Altsman

    As my sister, daughter and I stood on the U.S.S. Arizona memorial and looked down into the water at that great, dead ship, my heart cried at those American boys still down there who never knew WHY they were being killed.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Frankie, I understand that is an emotional experience to be there.And it should be. I was on the beaches at Normandy and the American cemetary there. It, too is a soul stirring place. God Bless them all and may we never forget that they gave their lives so that we might be free. May we be forever grateful.

  • U.S.Patriot 01

    may we never forget these hero’s and the dates of dec.7th and sept.11th .
    the dates when cowards attacked the U.S. without warning.