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The Most Arrogant President Ever

Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Arrogant Cartoon

Attribution: Michael Ramirez,

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  • Kevin

    They forgot just a few things,

    Starts wars without any approval!
    Sells guns to Mexican Killers!
    Linked to voter fraud!
    Union Racketeering by obama!
    Political Pay offs!
    Unconstitutional czars, making law!
    Abuse of Power with executive orders!

    these are just a few I thought of off the top of my head. I would not have enough time to list them all!

    • http://z kyl

      Even if you did have the time to complete the list, Kevin, the internet probably doesn’t have enough room to hold them all.

    • Floyd

      here are a few things they FORGOT to mention..
      “Obama Lying About His Social Security Number” / “Obama Lying About His Nation Of Birth” / “Obama’s Endless Tyrannical Executive Orders” / “The Obama / Soros’ Occupy Wallstreet Mob” / “Uganda ” / “Obama Giving Solyndra 535 Million Of Our Money”/ ” Raising The Deficit To 18 Trillion” / “America’s First Credit Downgrade” / “Obama’s Fast And Furious Criminal Operation”/ “Repeal Of DOMA” / “Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” / “Obama Buying His Union Votes With Our Tax Money” / “Obama Empowering The Muslim Brotherhood And Al Qaeda” / ” Obama Swearing That He Would Side With Muslims Against Us Patriots” / ” Obama’s Hate Speech Provocations” / “Obama putting Muslim’s Rights Over All Other American’s Rights” / “Obama Ignoring North Korean Aggression” / “Obama’s Democrats Voting Against Auditing The Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank” / ” Obama Giving Brazilian & Soro’s Owned Oil Company Two Billion To Drill Off Shore With The Oil Slated To Go To China” / “Lopsided Nuke Deals” / “Obama’s Expensive & Unnecessary Trip To India” / “Obama’s Illegal Aunt Living Off Our Taxes” / “Obama Taking 500 Billion From Medicare And From Our Senior Citizens To Fund His Illegal’s On welfare”/ “Obama Having The Christian Crosses Covered Up At Notre Dame University For His Speech” / “Mosque At 9-11 Ground Zero”/ “Obama and Hillary calling in the UN to slam Arizona, 22 States & our nation’s laws”/ “Our Tax Money Being Used To Fund The Democrat Propagandist National Public Radio” / “Obamacare” / “Abortions paid for under Obamacare” / “Suing Arizona” / “Obama’s Wealth Redistribution” / “No Social Security Cost Of Living Increase For Retired Americans For Two Years”/ “Bailouts”/ “Bribes”/ “Obama’s & BP’s Mishandled Gulf Of Mexico Oil Aneurysm” / ” Cap & Trade Tax”/ “535 Billion Of Your Money Spent On Illegal’s Every Year” / “Obama’s 2.6 Trillion Amnesty” / “Economy Trashed By The Democrats” / “Democrat Voter Fraud” /” No Real Border Security Enforcement” / “Siding with the Marxist Zelaya in Honduras against the will of the people there” / “No Jobs” / “Beer Summit” / “Calling Our Returning Veterans Potential Terrorists” / “AG Holder setting the 9-11 terrorist trial just blocks from the 9-11 attack site” / “Calling Christians Potential Terrorists” / “Hands Holding Crotch During Pledge Of Allegiance” / “Rev Wright” / “Michelle” / “Massive & Reckless Spending” / “Harry Reid” / “Nancy Pelosi” / “Sestak”/”Obamacare Death Panels” / “Nationalizing Banks” / “Nationalizing US Industry” / “Obama’s Massive Stimulus Failure” /”Calling Tea Party Activist’s Racist’s” / “New Black Panther Party Thugs empowered by Obama’s AG Holder” / “Using the NAACP to spread Racist Propaganda” / “Obama’s Dept Of Justice Refusing To Prosecute Black Racist Discrimination Against White People”/ “ACORN” / “Dead People Voting As Democrats” / “Calling Terrorism A Man Made Disaster” / “Calling America a Muslim Nation” / “Obama Giving One Billion Of Your Money To The Hamas Terrorists Of Gaza”/ “Bowing to the Saudi king of Terror” / “The Obama Apology Tour” / “Obama’s Marxist Czars” / “Obama’s Muslim Czars advocating for Islamic Sharia Law in America” / “Obama mistreating our friends” / “Cap & Trade Tax” / “Obama’s Terrorist Appeasement” / “The Islamization Of NASA” / “Muslims exempted from Obamacare” / “Obama’s Mistreatment Of Israel”

    • Duke

      He is typical…….a lying Pin Head, low life scum, a power sucking leach as well as a mooch. I can’t put the rest of it on here!

    • Jerry

      I wouldn’t give him too much credit unless, the teleprompters were removed. I don’t believe he has the ability to think and speak without reading comments that others wright and place on Teleprompter.

    • http://googlechrome David

      Floyd, you left off 384 more but I’m to slow a typist to add them.

    • http://N/A Ricardo 36


    • osama obama hater

      He’s felony ugly, arrogant, looks like a New York taxi with the doors open, and that’s just for starters.

    • USAF VET

      He was the 2nd worst the day he was inagurated. Within a month he became the worst when he surpassed Jimmy (the wimp) Carter. Jimmy doesn’t have to feel so bad now that he is 2nd worst.

    • patriot2

      USAF VET,that’s why carter voted for obama,he didn’t want to be the worst prez ever!

    • john j

      You know what’s the funniest thing ?… That BLITHERING IDIOT Jim bob Carter said , the only reason people didn’t vote for odipstick , was , now get this … Because WE were , here it comes … PREJUDICE ! He should have had his genitalia removed at birth , just to be sure he couldn’t propagate !

    • Pegi

      My sentiments exactly! Didn’t think they came worse than Carter but along came Obama and set me straight!

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Hear’s a thought, although you probably won’t appreciate one of its aspects very much:

      Unfortunately, our country does NOT share an attribute with Communist North Korea; their “Dear Leader” is deceased. Our “Dear Leader”, our HQIC, is apparently in good health and is advocating the concepts and practices which make N. Korea such a “great” place to be.

      In case you were confused by HQIC:


      Vote our “Dear Leader” out in November!

    • Nick

      OoRah!! If we put him out, we just may get to save our country before it’s too late to save. Semper Fi!

  • PD

    The problem with this country is ignorance and apathy, isn’t that right? And all the Obama voters said; I don’t know and I don’t care!

  • Richard R. Everson

    As I’ve said many times before, though nobody picks it up to let it be known far and wide, as it so well deserves… I’ll say it again:

    As Lincoln earned the appellation as “The Great Emancipator,” and Reagan as “The Great Communicator,” Obama has clearly and well-earned his as “The Great Prevaricator!”

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      You forgot to mention “The Smirking Chimp”.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Those seven, previously unidentified States quoted by our “Dear Leader”, Zer0bama, in his campaign speeches, have now been identified. They are the States of:


      Voters, who possess any common sense at all, will make sure that our “Dear Leader”, zer0bama, is moved from the fifth (Prevarication) to the seventh (Rejection) newly found state, in January 2013.

      VOTE his ass out of office in November 2012, along with all of his communist cronies.

  • Tim

    This usurper is a clinically unbalanced narcissist who is dedicated to communism and Islam; and the left hates this country so thoroughly that they support him without question.

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    I don’t believe I could add a dot or cross a “T” that has not been covered here. Well done Folks and on the money!!!!

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      He says he is lazy….well that’s obvious!!! But he has the nerve to blame it on living in Hawaii !!!! It’s never his fault is it??? I lived in Hawaii for over 20 yrs & have 2 children who are part Hawaiian & definitely NOT lazy but highly motivated & productive people.I am outraged that he has the nerve to trash Hawaii like that!!! They should not let him go back there.What a flaming jerk!!!

    • Speed

      How can he blame his laziness on Hawaii when he grew up in KENYA?

    • Dan M

      Were this RACSIT

    • Dan M

      All right MAObama, stop messing with my computer! MAObama is a RACIEST, Marxist-Maoist, corrupt, big eared KENYAN buffoon who needs to go back to Kenya and stay there NOW!

    • patriot2

      Rose-Marie Noa,I lived there in late 50’s & 60’s in kaneohe & kailua,I’m offended he’s soiling the streets & beaches I used to walk on.I miss the place,but not the gun laws.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Rose-Marie Noa,

      That’s not the only way our HQIC (“Dear Leader”) is flaming.

  • Tim

    Send this your congressman and tell them to read the comment section. I think there are 40 to 60 mil of us that can take it back!

  • Karen

    So, why have we allowed all this to happen? It seems as if no one will call his hand on anything! Why???????????? Why do we as Americans allow this? I understand how he got voted in because his skin had more pigment than any other President’s, but now that it’s done, and we see how incompetent he is, why don’t our Congressmen do something???????????

    • Dan M

      We ALL need to get involved and get this RACIST, Corrupt, Marxist-Maoist, Muslim Big Eared Buffoon out of power ASAP!!! It’s going to be a very long year ahead. Lord please help us survive it!

    • Marlene

      I think that every time he pulls some of his stunts out of his hat, we’re so shell-shocked from the audacitiy of his efforts to destroy the Unitedc States of America, it takes a while to pick our jaws up off the floor. By then, he enacts another law and – BAM – we’re blown away again. It started with his legalizing partial-birth abortion and got even worse from there. I splut, yell, fume but can’t figure a legal way to rid us of this absolute inhuman horror, short of asassination, but don’t even want to consider that because we’re supposed to be a civilized nation. This creature is not one of us, certainly not human.

    • RULKEN

      I’ll tell you why Karen;
      Because you haven’t contacted you elected officials enough and complained about their lack of action on our part. Contact them and keep contacting them, e-mail them, call them. let them know that they are out of office, come the next time they are up for re-election, unless they start representing us. “We The People” !!

  • sid

    because it is not what you know,
    who you know,
    but who you

    • Batwings

      I have heard by the grapevine that Zero is queer.

    • ruth

      Google LARRY SINCLAIR!

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Unfortunately, our country does NOT share an attribute with Communist North Korea; their “Dear Leader” is deceased. Our “Dear Leader”, our HQIC, is apparently in good health and is advocating the concepts and practices which make N. Korea such a “great” place to be.

      In case you were confused by HQIC:


      Vote our “Dear Leader” out in November!

  • JJM Libertarian

    He is bound to get 1st place as the DESTRUCTOR. Already 1st as non-transparent DECEIVER. Will he earn 1st for TREASON as well?

  • Grammalady

    Since he can’t or won’t prove his legality as an American citizen, how is it he’s allowed into the White House as anything more than as a tourist? Who is he really working for?

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      That’s an excellent question! He is working for George Soros who also wants to destroy this country & has lots & lots of money….that’s what the idiot really likes….money!!!

    • Speed

      I believe he’s also employed by China.

    • John

      Check this out before it is yanked from public view ! Where is the so-called mainstream media ? And where is Congress ?

  • Pastor Ken

    Actually, he is not even a president. He is not NATURAL born. Would we say someone is a doctor if he never went to med school?

  • toosmarttovoteGOP

    Has anyone noticed that he didn’t actually SAY he was the fourth best?

  • http://yahoo John

    Obama’s famous statement Do you Remember in his pre-election speech on live TV in front of millions of Americans his exact words were “If I am elected president all citizens collecting social security who earn $50K or less will not have to pay any income tax” Does anyone remember this speech? He has not even mentioned it once or given any excuses for not implementing his promise. Did he forget? or just say that to gather votes?

    • Pegi

      Just to gather votes, John. Campaign videos show us he lied about quite a bit!

  • hog rider

    Why hasnt anyone got the guts to impeach him..everyone in congress needs to be voted out also….Congress and Obama need to be replaced!!!!!!!!

  • Vintbike


  • Mark

    Obama promised to be a post-racial President, instead, he has been the MOST RACIAL president!

  • ConservaDave

    Has anyone mentioned Lisa Jackson and Obama’s EPA? This might be the most deceitfully hidden (who could be against protecting the enviornment?), somewhat “under the radar” and destructive to business, job creation, inexpensive energy, the middle class, our way of life, capitalism and the USA itself agency in this administration. Everything she does is anti-American and will in a second Obama administration continue the use of Marxist job and business killing over-regulation to “finish the job.”

  • C.Ann C.

    Just goes to show you how Narcissistic he really is! He craves self-appreciation, self-gratifying remarks like this! And since all those paid-by-Obama-MSMs deleted what BO really said on that speech, it shows how much the MSMs are helping Obama’s Narcissism! They knew that this remark by Obama would get the flak that these comments are showing and the MSMs didn’t want that to happen! They support a very dangerous man in our WH, and I think they know that, but being under the control of the BO-machine-Thugs, they dare not even mention what they really believe, but then again, they are so filled up with the Obama rhetoric that they just cannot see past their liberalistic phonyisms!

  • mike

    Dont forget the 500,000,000 people who might lose their jobs if his stimucrap bill was not passed!! Said around the time the turd visited all 57 states!LOL! press 2 for prez turd.

  • W Smith

    If America survives Obama will retain his position in the top one hundred presidents. At least until our one hundred first president is inaugurated.

  • Lloyd

    He’s not fourth best, he is number one. He is the very best at lying; cheating; ruining our economy, losing jobs, creating massive debts, aiding our enemies, wasting tax payers money, taking vacations and playing golf, praising our enemies, apologizing for America to our enemies, tearing down our religious and education systems, violating our Constitution, etc., He’s just the best there is at doing harm to the best government in the world.