As details about the new-found Obamacare glitch, that allows for more than 3 million middle-class Americans to qualify Medicaid surface, the Obama administration and key members of Congress are mum on several points.

“What I want to know is: did the CBO know about this? Did they include this spending in their original score of the law?” said Michael Cannon, health policy expert at the Cato Institute, in an email. “Or would this spending add even more to the cost of the law?”

“Assuming that Obamacare’s authors didn’t mean to include this middle-class Medicaid provision, one can imagine Republicans and Democrats agreeing to repeal this part of the law,” Cannon said. “But I expect House Republicans would use this embarrassing episode as leverage to repeal even more of the law.  If so, the president and his party will be on the defensive as they try to explain why they want to increase the national debt with middle-class Medicaid.”

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