Cowan covered aspects of the couple’s gun control push as he discussed the formation of their gun control PAC, “Americans for Responsible Solutions,” which “raised millions for gun control.”

On Sunday, CBS News Sunday Morning aired video of gun control proponents Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly shooting handguns and rifles, then panned to video of the couple sitting in their Tucson, Arizona, home where Giffords talked about the possibility of running for office again.

The CBS News segment opened with video of Giffords receiving a standing ovation upon returning to Congress to resign her seat after being shot in Tuscon. CBS’s Lee Cowan said “both she and Mark Kelly found themselves at a crossroads” at that point. Their old lives “gone, the future uncertain.”

Then the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary took place.

Images of flashing lights and the sounds of emergency vehicles filled the screen as Mark Kelly said he and Giffords “visited with [some]…of the parents afterwards,” saying they emerged from those meetings with an “obligation to try to do something.”

The next scene shows Kelly shooting a rifle, then a revolver, and then Giffords shooting a semi-automatic pistol with her left hand. Over the videos of the couple shooting guns, Cowan says, “It’s not that they dislike guns. Both Kelly and Giffords are avid gun owners.” The screen then cuts to Kelly, who says, “There’s no reason why we can’t have our right to ownership and at the same time, do everything we possibly can to keep guns of the dangerously mentally ill, felons, domestic abusers, [and] stalkers.”

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