There has always been turmoil in the world. Country A invades country B. Droughts, floods, hurricanes. But it seems lately that the United States is being hit with an increasing amount of turmoil to the point where barely a week goes by without some kind of major news story that attracts the full attention of the news for days on end.

On the other hand there are a bunch of news worthy stories that languish virtually unseen in most major news organizations. The abortion doctor trial was one such story. The liberal media ignored this gruesome story as if it were of no interest. People had to know the inhumanity that was being perpetrated in that so called clinic. Finally the story got so big that the media were forced to give it the attention that it deserved.

Even as far back as “Fast and Furious” the media was picking and choosing what they felt the country should hear and see. They are perfectly willing to print stories that support anti-gun legislation but are less willing to talk about the administration trafficking in arm even to those that hate us. I don’t think that most Americans agree with giving tanks and F-16s to Egypt at this point in history. How many times in recent years have American heavy weapons been used against American troops. They didn’t come from gun shows.

Benghazi is another good example. Month of falsehoods by government officials and a compliant press didn’t prevent the story from starting to trickle out. In bits and pieces the story is starting to come together. It was my opinion from the beginning that no underling could refuse an Ambassador when he asks for increased security. Only the Secretary of State or above could make that decision. And although Madam Secretary denied that she had even been aware of it, it now comes out that there is a cable with her signature showing knowledge. And she wants to be President?

Also there are the various attacks in the United Stated that the administration and some of the press are trying to sell as one offs, perpetrated by malcontents with no training, organization, or common purpose. That, of course, is untrue. They are jihadis all of whom have received training or inspiration, perhaps even financing from sources outside the United States. But every time violence happens the ideologues try to sell the idea that it is Christian extremists or Tea Party members. For the life of me, I cannot remember our country being attacked by a Methodist, a Presbyterian, or a little old lady in a flowered hat.

But what this chaos does is give cover to what is actually going on in Washington. The jobs problem is being ignored. The President is spending away our grandchildren’s future. He is also in a snit about sequester and trying to use it to squeeze the American public that he is sworn to protect. Meanwhile the government regulators are choking the life out of American business.

Some day Obama will leave the White House. At the end of this term would be good. I pray he doesn’t try to extend his stay. But I have to ask, why is Janet Napolitano buying all that ammunition, fully automatic weapons, and 2,500 armored personnel carriers. It’s certainly not to protect the borders.

All that, having been said, once we do have our country back it will take decades to straighten out the mess that we will be left with. But it will get done someday. I just hope Americans have learned a very expensive lesson. Don’t listen to charming voices, see who they are and what they have accomplished.