In the “no win” battle with left wing White House and Democrat
“lawmakers,” the Republicans completely forgot who they were.
That is the sad result of the past weeks of weakness and lack of
resolve exhibited by those elected to counter exactly what they
seemed unqualified to do:  stop the train wreck!  Granted, they
were dealt a difficult hand – but they continually showed that
they didn’t know how to play the game.  With the Democrats’
completely faithful ally, the left-wing media, who consistently
dealt them marked cards, the House majority was at a distinct

However, they had control of the House.  With powerful allies in
their conservative members, they could at least have won a few
hands.  They didn’t.  When (if) they do wake up and can identify
and learn to counter the crude weapons with which they were
battered, perhaps they can come to terms of cooperation within
the party and begin to open their eyes to the strategy of the
“enemies of the Republic.” I am reminded of the fear of Elisha’s
servant, when confronted with a fearsome adversary, that the
enemy was too great.  God opened his eyes to the legions of
horses and chariots of fire surrounding him that he was unable to
see before.  For those Republicans of weak knees, and Democrats
who might be able to legislate with integrity, know that more
often than not, the public will support you if you show enough
grit to withstand the torrent of criticism that is intended to
intimidate you to “surrender.”  There are “Legions” out there
waiting to support honesty, integrity and truth.  Bankrupting and
sleazy legislation oozing out of Washington should not be the
rule of the day.

The Tea Party arose from the failure of politics as usual.  These
stalwart warriors have been gaining increasing momentum and these
latest skirmishes have only emboldened them to greater activity.
Their creed seems only to attempt to rein in the intolerable
government excesses, constitution shredding, monstrous increases
in government intervention in private affairs and bankrupting the
country.  They won many battles but the war continues.  From all
I see and hear, they are not raising the white flag.  Patriots,
all, they are not Republican nor Democrat – they are Americans,
fighting to save our great nation.  At this moment the liberals,
socialists and downright communists in Congress may think they
are beaten; don’t you believe it – there is “fire in the belly!”
And true patriots of this country will never, never, never give

For those who don’t understand why we fight to keep this nation
great, it may be because educational institutions over the past
several decades have spent more time tearing down our heritage
than reminding students of the unmatchable goodness we have
exhibited at home and throughout the world.  While I don’t agree
with the seemingly unlimited charity we dole out to the world –
what other country can match it?  It is almost as if we can’t
find a cause to send our tax dollars somewhere, we create one.
But that is only because it arises with the people themselves,
who are and have been so grateful for the liberty and freedom
that we enjoy that they can’t stop giving and giving and giving.
So the government gets the cue but exhibits no restraint on
spending other peoples’ money.”

The Associated Press used to be a dependable news source.  It,
too, has become less about news and more about touting left wing
philosophy and polishing Democrat apples.  A recent article
suggested that Republicans might not be eager for another fight
after “polls” showed that the public blamed them for everything
that has happened.  I have extreme reservations as to the
veracity of polls; with a little creativity one can tailor a poll
to whatever outcome is desired.  I hear very few people blaming
anyone other than Obama, Reid, Durkin, Hoyer, Schumer, Pelosi and
the RINOs for the shutdown of the past days.  And, of course,
those who really do love this country such as Mike Lee, Ted Cruz,
Rand Paul, the Grizzly Mom from Alaska and a dozen or so others
of like mind, are viciously attacked for their insistence on
adhering to the Constitution.  Freedom of speech is fast
disappearing; the ability to protect one’s home and family is
seen as extremism and freedom of religion is anathema to those
who hate God.  When the going gets tough, join the tough – and
let’s get going.