Charlie Denies is the MAN! Not only is he a talented musician, but he is also a pro-lifer, and with that, I strongly identify with him.

Right now, aside from Mike Pence breaking the Senate tie to move against Planned Parenthood, Daniels is my favorite person.

He took to Twitter to say:


From Constitution:

I wonder how liberals would react to such a movement? Would they do as they did with County clerk Kim Davis whose religious beliefs wouldn’t allow her to participate in gay marriages and attack them as lawless? There would be a sense in which they were right, but the Sanctuary City precedent would seem to make those liberals hypocrites. If certain localities can exercise their moral imperative to disobey federal laws on immigration, why couldn’t other localities exercise theirs to defend life?

We could also hold up the example of California here.

When the Center for Medical Progress exposed both Planned Parenthood and their allies for a scheme to sell the body parts of babies for a profit, Planned Parenthood was able to escape unscathed by the state’s justice system (though their less-influential allies are currently in court). However, the people who exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal behavior, CMP and David Daleiden, have now been charged with 15 separate criminal counts! Why? Perhaps because Planned Parenthood is a major donor to the current Attorney General, but there’s also the possibility that California’s leaders are exercising their morality and choosing to protect abortionists while prosecuting the people who exposed them. If the AG can choose to ignore upholding some laws, while enforcing others… why can’t conservatives states do the same?

Daniels has such a legitimate point. Liberals are so loud about protecting the illegals and criminals, but the only finger they lift towards unborn children is to fight to abort them. It doesn’t make sense!

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