Once again we see that the public school is not a place of education but indoctrination. If you think that someone is not going to be forcing one worldview over another, then you are not paying attention. Someone’s worldview will prevail, this is a guarantee.

The battle rages once again in North Carolina, an apparent testing ground for innovations and inundation of leftist ideals. Now, the parents and even the teachers are beginning to say enough.

Christian News reports

A school district in North Carolina has pulled a book that was set to be a part of First Grade curriculum after teachers and lawmakers complained about its content regarding a little boy who liked to wear dresses.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools had originally planned to make the book “Jacob’s New Dress” a part of the anti-bullying reading plan for Child Abuse Prevention Month. The 2014 book, written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman, is meant to teach children about those who are “gender non-conforming.”

“Jacob’s New Dress” is a story about a boy who likes to wear a princess dress for playtime at school, but is teased by his peers.
The purpose for reading this book is to teach children not to bully their peers. At least that is the claim of the school administration. But what is does is teach impressionable boys that it is okay to wear a dress.

Once again in an effort to make themselves feel normal, the transgender is pushing is mental dysfunction on others. Though the fight is won here, we best not think that the war is over. There is nothing beside repentance that can stop these perversions from being fed to our children.

This is why the Christian should do all he can to get his children or grandchildren out of the public school.