Liberals still harbor a lot of their misguided, left-over-from-the 60s fantasies. One of them is that Che Guevara was a revolutionary hero. As a college professor, I occasionally encounter students wearing Che Guevara tee shirts. If they wear them to one of my classes, I like to ask the students what they know about Che. Here is the gist of a recent conversation I had with a college Freshman:

  • Me: “Who is that on your shirt?”
  • Student: “Oh, that’s like Che man.”
  • Me: “Yes it is. It’s Che Guevara. What do you know about him?”
  • Student: “He was like a really cool dude. He fought a revolution against the rich and stood up for the little people.”
  • Me: “Where did you get that information about Che?”
  • Student: “My grandfather told me. Gramps was like a student radical or something in the 1960s. He was in a bunch of war protests and stuff like that. He really likes Che”
  • Me: “Your grandfather sounds like an interesting man. Are you aware that Che Guevara was a racist and a sadistic mass-murderer? Are you aware that Che, as commander of the La Cabana execution yard, not only condemned hundreds of people to death by firing squad, but got a special thrill out of shooting them himself after tying their hands behind their backs and forcing them to kneel? Are you aware that Che was especially fond of killing young men your age?”
  • Student: “Whoa, Gramps never said anything about that. No way dude.”
  • Me: “Way.”
  • Student: “How do you know this stuff?”
  • Me: “It’s common knowledge. Google it. Start with Che Guevara and the La Cabana execution yard.”
  • Student: “Bummer.”
  • Me: “Are you open to a suggestion?”
  • Student: “Sure dude.”
  • Me: “Lose the tee-shirt.”

The left’s love affair with Che Guevara is emblematic of the fantasyland liberals inhabit. The fact that ill-informed, naïve, indoctrinated college students can still be found wearing Che Guevara tee-shirts shows just how completely the left has corrupted America’s public schools. First, the left has so distorted the public school curriculum and textbooks that a sadistic mass-murder like Che has become a revolutionary cult hero. In addition, the left has so dumbed-down public education that students simply accept like sheep the leftist propaganda they are force-fed every day. The result is that thoroughly indoctrinated young people think they are making a statement by wearing Che Guevara tee-shirts, and they are: “Look at me—I’m a thoroughly indoctrinated fool.”

The period of upheaval that gave rise to today’s fantasyland-liberal occurred during the 1960s, perhaps the most socially turbulent decade in America’s history. The 1960s were characterized by rebellion, hence the beginning of the left’s misguided love affair with Che Guevara or, better said, with the fantasy of Che they created in their naïve, shallow minds. College students of the 60s—the Hippy Generation—rebelled against anything and everything held dear by “the establishment.” Of course this meant they were rebelling against the men and women who, in times of war, had sacrificed so much to save the world from dictatorial tyrants who, like Che, were guilty of mass-murder, human extermination, and other crimes against humanity. As an aside, perhaps the propensity of liberals to worship mass-murders like Che is why they have no qualms about the mass slaughter of unborn babies; a heinous practice they disingenuously characterize as a woman’s choice.  The motto of the Hippy Generation was “don’t trust anyone the over age of 40.” It should have been, “Don’t bother me with the facts, I live in fantasyland.”

In his autobiography, I Heard My Country Calling, former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of the Navy, and combat-decorated Marine James Webb has this to say about the fantasies liberals harbor about supposed revolutionaries like Che Guevara: “The flame of revolution is always lit by the belief that fresh governments of determined leaders might actually bring about a better system of government and a fairer way of life. Bearded, fiery activists (like Che Guevara) could preach a new doctrine and rant endlessly about the evils of the age of imperialism, but at some point they had to deliver results. And yet, in every place it had prevailed, the record of communist ideology thus far had produced little more than massive bloodshed accompanied by the deliberate destruction of organized religion, the family unit, and the freedom of the press.”

This statement is a perfect summary of a truth the left refuses to acknowledge: Communist led revolutions are based on lies and they are led by despots who are worse than those they are trying to over throw. If American college students want to wear tee-shirts bearing the image of an admirable revolutionary, they might choose shirts containing pictures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or John Adams on them—assuming they even know who these Founding Fathers are any more. Of course wearing a tee-shirt sporting am image of a Founding Father would put the students at odds with liberal historical revisionists. The willingness of the left to turn a blind eye to widely-known facts is, in turn, why liberals are still so enamored of mass-murderers like Che Guevara and other tyrants who masquerade as revolutionary saviors of the little man.

I began college in 1968, meaning I am a member of the Hippy Generation, although only by age. I was in the Hippy Generation, but never of it. Consequently, I had little patience with my fellow students who openly mocked everything their parents stood for while still expecting mom and dad to pay their college tuition (typical of the hypocrisy of entitlement liberals). College students who bought into the Hippy worldview were quick to adopt tyrants like Che Guevara as role models, while refusing to acknowledge that their freedom to do so had been paid for by Americans who fought and died to preserve the world from these very tyrants. Said another way, they rejected the very “establishment” people who had sacrificed to ensure their freedom. No wonder today’s liberals are such hypocrites. They got a good start down that road as Hippy college students in the 60s, or their parents did and passed it on to them through their DNA.

Unfortunately for America, it is these former wacked-out, drugged-up, anti-American potheads who became the liberal politicians who now run the Democratic Party, serve in Congress, and infect American society with their worn-out leftist ideas. It is also these former Hippies who spawned the entitlement generation, a generation of young people long on self-indulgence but short on self-discipline; kids who feel entitled to anything they want anytime they want it without any effort on their part; kids who think they know everything but come to college reading at the eighth grade level, unable to solve simple arithmetic problems, and even less able to think for themselves. The children and grandchildren of yesterday’s Hippies have become the Me-Generation, a generation of self-serving narcissists who think Facebook “friends” are really friends and that being connected is the same as being informed.

What is truly ironic in all of this is that today’s teenaged admirers of Che Guevara are the very kinds of young boys he enjoyed rounding up and shooting. It was the wrong-headed, anti-American thinking of old-school liberals that transformed the children of the Greatest Generation into the Hippy Generation, and it was the self-satisfied, self-proclaimed moral superiority of the Hippy Generation that spawned the entitlement generation. It is the entitlement generation that now likes to wear tee-shirts sporting the image of a mass-murderer and racist who would have taken sadistic pleasure in shooting every one of them. Want to know what is even worse? It is this brainwashed, unthinking, sheep-like generation that now holds the future of America in its hands. God help us.