Stolen funds on both programs.
Check it out:

The daughter of President Barack Obama’s Chicago pastor helped steal $30,000 from a program intended to help train young African Americans for skilled jobs.

The Chicago program, titled “We Are Our Brother’s Keepers” shares a similar name and purpose with Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program, which Obama announced Feb. 27 at at a White House press conference.

Back in Chicago, the Illinois “Brothers’ Keepers” program was started by Regina Evans, a former police chief in Illinois’ Country Club Hills, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The state provided her with a $1.25 million grant to train 40 people for bricklaying and electrician jobs, at an average cost of $31,250 per person.

Little training was provided, and much of the $1.25 million grant was stolen by Evans, who used Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter, Jeri Wright, to launder $30,000 in stolen funds.

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