America isn’t in decline. And this isn’t the Asian century.

What happened last week at Chick-Fil-A’s across the country gives every single American reason to smile proudly and have hope. This doesn’t happen anywhere else.

There’s something about Americans. These are the greatest people on the earth. And they always will be. There is not a doubt about it.

Nowhere else are people as imbued with passion, patriotic fervor and democratic faith as they are here. Nowhere else is freedom as sacred as it is here. And nowhere else do people rally or mobilize behind a person or organization as they do here.

As cars backed up miles at the drive-through and lines ran out the door and into the car park at Chick-Fil-A’s across the country, the American on his knees raised his head and told us he is not done yet.

Only in America do prominent leaders promote a boycott threatening free speech and people respond by sticking up their middle finger.

The cowboy spirit is alive and well in every American. They are utterly individualistic, averse to authority, suspicious of government, and imbued with a belief that their rights come from God and are therefore inalienable.

The American is not a compliant man. He sees no virtue in submission and is trained from a young age to consider it shameful. That’s refreshingly right, but more than that: its exceptional. Even in America’s English-speaking cousin nations, government says jump, and the answer almost unquestioningly is, how high?

This has its roots in the idea that is America. The same idea that makes it infinitely more than a collection of fifty states. This idea sees the citizen elevated over the government. The individual over the collective. But here’s the magic. The sense of individualism unites for causes like Chick-Fil-A to a collective. The American nation and its people think like individuals but act as a collective. And that’s when a collective is truly powerful.

It’s why people clamor to live there. I don’t see any lines to China.

Thankfully, culture in America is made in small towns and regional areas, and not cities. It’s probably why Australia and England have changed so much in the past thirty years. The values and virtues of the small towns are always superior to the city-slickers, not to mention much more unyielding. It’s why  most places you visit in real America you imagine wouldn’t have been terribly different half-a-century ago. Progress and innovation have defined America but without the politically progressive agenda.

Chick-Fil-A believes in traditional marriage. So do I. But that offends the secular, intolerant, tolerance-preaching liberals. They believe in free speech only when it suits them. Thankfully, Americans still vote with their mouths.

They need to eat some chicken biscuits and waffle fries, and rediscover what America is. Once they’re out of the newsrooms, lecture theaters and classrooms that they’ve captured in a bid to transform this country until it’s like every other, they should keep going: to Europe.

There is a boycott in America right now. It’s targeted at people who don’t like freedom. Who don’t think or behave American. It tells you why this country is the most exceptional in the world and why, despite its woes, it will stay that way for a long time to come. Americans should be optimistic.

Want to know how good America’s bad is? Written America off? Get in your car and drive past your local Chick-Fil-A.