China, falsely sensing some form of the blood in the water, has taken to berating and chastising the United States after the election of Donald Trump as President.


China’s bold posturing on the world stage is meant to demean and embarrass U.S. President Donald Trump.

It all began with a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan that Mr. Trump took on November 9th.  China took serious umbrage to the allowance of the gesture, and has continued treating the new American President like a red headed stepchild since.  Now, another warning from the most populous nation in the world.

“China’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday warned Washington against challenging its sovereignty, responding to reports the United States was planning fresh naval patrols in the disputed South China Sea.

“On Sunday, the Navy Times reported that U.S. Navy and Pacific Command leaders were considering freedom of navigation patrols in the busy waterway by the San Diego-based Carl Vinson carrier strike group, citing unnamed defense officials.

“Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said tension in the South China Sea had stabilized due to the hard work between China and Southeast Asia countries, and urged foreign nations including the U.S. to respect this.

“‘We urge the U.S. not to take any actions that challenge China’s sovereignty and security,’ Geng told a regular news briefing on Wednesday.

“The United States last conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the area in October, when it sailed the guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur near the Paracel Islands and within waters claimed by China.”

China’s unchecked aggression comes as the world turns toward a New Cold War, or a possible start to a third World War, with many of the globe’s superpowers jockeying for position in the perceived power vacuum of a U.S. presidential transition.

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