In the last couple of decades, we’ve witnessed a very dramatic flip in morality. I’d go as far as to say that standards of morality have literally been turned upside down. What was previously thought to be a grave offense is now embraced and taught to our children. What was once considered morality is now bigotry.

A perfect example of this is displayed in the controversy over a new faith-based film, “My Son” that received an R-rating. The director of the flick, Jarod O’Flaherty says that he suspects the film was given this rating simply because of its Christian message.

O’Flaherty told Fox News, “First of all there’s no [bad] language in the film at all…but when you compare the content that is this film to even the mildest PG-13 action movies that are out there, the content of our film comes in as much less graphic… So it raises some questions about what was it in this film that got us the R-rating?”

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