So here the liberals go again, ganging up on the Christian girl.

This time, the target is Lolo Jones, member of the U.S. Olympic track team.

Jones has captivated attention for several reasons. Not only is she a highly talented athlete with stunning good looks, but the 29-year-old is an outspoken Christian and a virgin.

If she were posing for Playboy or sleeping around with movie stars, or if she simply had hidden her christianity and virginity, you would probably be correct in thinking she would have received more support after her fourth-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles on Tuesday.

After all, the woman spent years working six days a week for a chance to run a race that’s over in seconds. She even overcame a spine surgery last year. That’s dedication.

But instead, the mainstream media and the Twitter set have been tearing her apart.

The New York Times even began criticizing her two days before the race, saying in an article that she draws too much attention to herself (take a moment to digest that comment from a media outlet) and predicting that she had little chance of winning at the Olympics.

After she failed to medal, the critics started lambasting her and blaming her performance on her virginity. On Twitter, the messages were often graphically offensive about what the senders thought Jones should go and do.

One of the less offensive Tweets, from @ImprovetoS, read, “She needs 2 find her self a man or woman! Stop doing trackraces, go find sum sex!”

Jones, who holds indoor track records, defended her achievements and complained about her treatment by the media, specifically the New York Times, in an interview with Savannah Guthrie: “Just because I don’t boast about these things, I don’t think I should be ripped apart by media. I laid it out there, fought hard for my country and it’s just a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I’m already so brokenhearted as it is.”

But it’s her stand for Christianity and virginity that really seems to annoy some people, judging by the vicious attacks on her on Twitter and other social media.

Earlier this year, Jones explained her decision to wait until marriage: “It’s just something, a gift that I want to give to my husband. But please understand this journey has been hard. If there’s virgins out there, I just want to let them know, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

She says there have been several men who tried to persuade her to change her mind. Some of them even reflected the sort of talk on Twitter.

“I’ve been tempted. I’ve had guys tell me, they’re like, ‘Hey you know if you have sex it will help you run faster,'” Jones said. “If you marry me, then yeah.”

This sort of treatment of moral young women who enter the public spotlight is typical. Recall beauty pageant contestant Carrie Prejean’s standing up for traditional marriage and all the flack it brought on. Heck, just look at what’s been done to Sarah Palin.

On the flip side, we have the media praising the likes of Sandra Fluke, the Democratic Party tool who testified about going broke because birth control was so expensive. Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, which is nothing compared to Jones’ treatment on Twitter, and the Left jumped to her defense.

Women like Jones should be congratulated on taking a stand for virtue.