I have had a number of “Christians” tell me they are being reprimanded by fellow Christians for speaking out against President Obama and his policies that are destroying our Constitutional Republic…

If you are being admonished by fellow Christians for posting against the President, here is how I responded when my own church peers came at me….

First of all, don’t get into a battle of scriptures. There are scriptures that pacifists use as an excuse to remain silent and cower as they wait for God to deal with the problems of the world. There are plenty of stories throughout the Bible where God clearly called on His people to take a stand for what is right and just, sometimes He even called on them to fight in physical battles against rulers who were evil.

I would also tell your “Christian” friends that Jesus Christ ( whom they are supposed to be emulating ) WAS NO PACIFIST.

I would remind them of his display of anger and temper in the temple when he pushed over tables and raised his voice.

I would remind them of the words spoken from His mouth that they are to be the salt and the light.
(In case they don’t comprehend what he meant by that, I would say that He expected them to stand for what is right and just and to expose evil and darkness with the light of truth. )

Finally, I would remind your Christian friends that God will not do for them what they can do for themselves. He gave us minds to think and voices to speak.
You can speak TRUTH and shed light on the destructive policies of this president without losing your Christianity or disrespecting authority. Jesus Christ never stopped speaking TRUTH, even when He knew He would die as a result.

If they bring up the “respect for authority” issue, then you need to remind them that the President and Congress WORK FOR YOU…

Oh.. and be sure to tell them that without the wars fought by some of our earliest Christians, your Christian friends today would not have the 1st Amendment freedom of worship.

Then there is the issue of murdering babies. President Obama voted for partial birth abortion which is the barbaric murder of a viable human being. What do you think Jesus would do about that if He were walking the earth today? Do you think He would humble himself before an evil President who believes in murdering the most innocent among us? Do you think He would be silent and stand by, silently and give respect to a man who supports murdering full term babies?
Aren’t you supposed to be against abortion? Didn’t Christ say, “what you have done to the least of them you have done to ME?” hmmmm….


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