American historian Charles Bancroft once said:

“America stands a model which other nations will carefully copy, in due time, as they can adapt themselves and change their institutions there may be no literal copy or close formal imitation; but there is little doubt that the spirit and true sense of our Declaration of Independence will finally mold the structure and control the workings of all governments.”

This is both true and untrue.

But one thing is for sure:  if America abandons its Biblical roots, it will lose all the attending benefits of Christian civilization, such as law, absolute moral standards, a sound economy, a limited government and any vestige of liberty it still maintains.

Where silence and apathy are the two great forces of cultural erosion, unrelenting passion is its greatest hedge of protection.

A deliberate choice of freedom over tyranny is the central reason for why American society has been so successful. America is the freest nation God graced humanity with.

The American promise was identified early, even by foreigners. Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, after a trip in the 1830s provided this account of America:

“Although the vast country which we have been describing was inhabited by many indigenous tribes, it may justly be said, at the time of its discovery, by Europeans, to have formed one great desert. The Indians occupied, without possessing it… Those coasts so admirably adapted for commerce and industry; those wide and deep rivers; that inexhaustible valley of the Mississippi; the whole continent, in short, seemed prepared to be the abode of a great nation, yet unborn.”

And yet America finds itself under sustained attack from the Left, who are intent on winding back Western values. They have insisted on relativism.

And even the Christian who finds the philosophy of relativism personally offensive gives in to it culturally because he has been conditioned by his education to accept the non-Christian culture as the norm.

It will be incumbent upon all of to preserve America- through ourselves, our families, our schools, our communities, our states and then our nation.

The view of the Statue of Liberty is the view seen from ships approaching Ellis Island in New York Harbor. It’s a view of opportunity, not guarantees.

If America is to maintain its exceptionalism- its great experiment in liberty- there must be an informed patriotism.