Chris Christie did not disappoint — the governor of New Jersey, with his signature “in-your-face” style, tore into the Obama record and hailed the Romney-Ryan team as if they were his beloved New York Mets.

It was a performance that lived up to the expectations of enthusiasts like Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) who exclaimed to Human Events early Tuesday night, “He’s the most charismatic speaker we have — the right person to be the convention keynote speaker.”

Nunes was just one of many Christie enthusiasts we spoke to before the New Jersey governor took to the stage at the Republican National Convention. Following a string of speakers and taking the podium after Ann Romney — and husband Mitt’s surprise cameo — Christie surpassed every expectation.

Christie drew wild cheers as he lit into the teachers’ unions he fought and liberals in general. In one of his memorable phrases, he declared “our policies are right for America and their policies have failed America.”

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