Mainstream media makes this bigger than Hillary and Obama not answering questions on Benghazi?
Check it out:

Unsurprisingly, having treated the New Jersey bridge scandal to about 44 times as much coverage as they gave the IRS scandal – in just two days! – the media can’t get enough of Bridgegate. Scandal frenzy is all about intensity. The fabled Low Information Voters don’t hear any news that is not shouted repeatedly. They take cues based on the volume of news coverage over a shot period of time, rapidly losing interest in background noise from stories that meander along with modest coverage for long stretches of time. The old Beltway wisdom said there was nothing worse than dragging a scandal out and dying from a thousand cuts, but Team Obama always knew that wasn’t true, especially when they could count on the support of the media to keep their dirty laundry buried. What kills a politician is the kind of intense coverage burst that migrates a scandal from the news envelope into popular culture.

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