In his Tuesday evening address at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey labeled President Barack Obama a “bystander in the Oval Office” who is preparing to “divide our nation to achieve re-election.”

Christie, invited by former first lady Nancy Reagan to deliver a speech at the library, identified specific areas where he claims the president has failed to lead the nation: “The failure to stand up for the bipartisan debt solutions of the Simpson–Bowles Commission, a report the president asked for himself … the failure to act on the country’s crushing unemployment … the failure to act on ever expanding and rapidly eroding entitlement programs … the failure to discern pork barrel spending from real infrastructure investment,” he said.

“Now, seven years later, President Obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election,” said Christie, who repeated that he is not entering the 2012 presidential race. “This is not a leadership style, this is a re-election strategy. Telling those who are scared and struggling that the only way their lives can get better is to diminish the success of others.”

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