What is Christmas? Very simply put it was the day our Lord God came down the heavenly staircase to Earth with a baby in His arms, Jesus Christ. Christmas is that moment when no one needs to ask what is God like? All anyone needs to do is look at Jesus and you will see that is Almighty God in the human flesh.

Jesus is the Gift of Love God came down to give the world. What so many people have found in the gift of Jesus Christ is available to everyone. This gift is personal, it’s private, it’s dynamic and it will change your perspective on life and the things you value. It will change how you spend your time, how you treat people. It will help you re-evaluate and grow loving relationships with friends and family. It will change everything that you touch in your life.

This Christmas season everyone and their family members ought to be sure they know Jesus. We should all know the forgiveness God gives through the Christmas gift of Jesus Christ’s Love of the whole world and pass-it-on. The real reason for this season is Jesus.

Remember to be thankful to God for giving us Jesus, for without His “birth” we could never be saved by His “death” upon the cross for our sins and salvation.

Let’s celebrate this season, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord, and never forget the extreme Love He is and that extreme Love He gives to us all to simply accept through faith.

In this world today, with vile, immoral and gruesome acts of evil unleashed on our planet by radical terrorists we really should contemplate the stark differences of Jesus Christ’s Love versus their god’s spread of hatred.

Choose Forgiveness, Salvation and Life over revenge through grisly torture and merciless death.

John 10:10 The enemy-thief comes “Only”, to Steal our Power, Kill our Freedoms and Destroy our Spiritual beliefs of (God’s Word)! I have come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly.

While I am still allowed in my country to write it and we are still allowed to say it…have a very Merry Christmas All and to All a Goodnight.