One of the obligatory planks in the political platform of any liberal politician is the concept of choice. Ask any liberal and he or she will tell you that choice is a matter of conscience. Of course, what liberals mean by choice is abortion and what they mean by conscience is convenience. Liberals will never admit it, but they know that abortion is an odious and immoral practice. In fact, their knowledge of what abortion means is why they gave it a new name: choice. Liberals are masters at adopting positive sounding names for their more socially offensive practices (e.g. gay as opposed to homosexuality or sodomy). Then we, as conservatives, aid and abet them in this deceptive practice by using their terms. In doing so we cede control of the language and the dialog to liberals, but that is a subject for another column.
In this column I predict that liberals will show their true colors when it comes to choice (i.e. they believe in choice only when the choice in question comports with liberal orthodoxy). When the Boy Scouts voted, in spite of the organization’s Christian traditions and beliefs, to admit homosexual members, churches began choosing to withdraw their support of the Boy Scouts. Churches are making this choice as a matter of conscience. Although some churches that are more wedded to secular society than to Holy Scripture will find ways to justify circumventing their own beliefs and continue to support the Boy Scouts, those that are true to the Biblical teachings they profess to follow will withdraw their support. When this happens, I predict the left will go into attack mode and begin using the word hate as their weapon of choice. In the lexicon of the left only the word racism is used, misused, and abused more frequently and with more enthusiasm than the word hate. True to form, liberals will be intolerant of the choices made by churches while simultaneously accusing churches of being intolerant toward homosexuals. The concept of choice as a matter of conscience will, of course, be conveniently overlooked by liberals.
One of the errors made by the Boy Scouts in admitting homosexual members was in putting expedience before principle—rarely, if ever, a good idea. I doubt the leaders of the national Boy Scout organization really believe that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. If they did, the Boy Scouts would have gone all the way and admitted homosexual adults as Scout Masters. Rather, the choice to admit homosexual boys as members was done in an attempt to compromise with the loud and litigious proponents of homosexuality. The Boys Scouts were looking for a way to stop the lawsuits and controversy. I suspect they just want a little peace and quiet in their lives. In other words, the Boy Scouts attempted to do what cannot be done: make a deal with the devil.
Boy Scout leaders would have been well advised to remember Aesop’s fable of the Frog and Scorpion, a fable I first heard while sitting around a camp fire at a Boy Scout event. There are various versions of this fable, but here is how I first heard it. A scorpion asks a frog to transport him across a river. The frog at first refuses out of fear the scorpion will sting him. But the scorpion argues that if he uses his stinger the frog will die and immediately sink, leaving the scorpion to drown. Accepting this logic, the frog tells the scorpion to jump on. Just as they reach the far bank, the scorpion stings the frog. As he lies on the bank gasping for his last breathe, the frog protests, “You said you wouldn’t sting me.” The scorpion, now safely across the river, responds: “I am a scorpion. It is my nature to sting. You should have known that.”
The Boy Scouts will soon learn the same lesson the naïve and hapless frog learned. You cannot trust liberals with an agenda. Compromise for them is just a temporary tactic to get their head under the tent flap. As soon as that is accomplished, they take the next step and the next and the next until they are fully inside the tent and the previous occupant has been ousted. Liberals do not want equality they want power, and when they get it they use it just as ruthlessly as did Aesop’s scorpion. The lawsuits against the Boy Scouts will not stop. Rather, they will just have a new plaintiff: adult homosexuals who want to be Scout Masters.
Liberals talk a lot about choice, but don’t be like the naïve frog and believe them. The only choices liberals think are valid are the “choices” they make. Churches are choosing to stand on principle and withdraw their support of the Boy Scouts. In the eyes of liberals this simply makes them hate organizations. They will use that hackneyed argument about Jesus being all about love and inclusion, while conveniently overlooking how he threw the money changers out of the Temple and told prostitutes and thieves to “go and sin no more.” As conservatives and Christians, shame on us if we let them get away with it.