On November 4th, the Democratic Party was handed its head on a platter by the American people. Since that time Democrats have been trying to contrive a plausible explanation for the mid-term massacre; one that does not admit the obvious: it was caused by Barack Obama’s failed presidency. I wondered how long it would take frantic Democrats to settle on racism as the reason behind their embarrassing defeat. Predictably, it didn’t take long. Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) took the lead for Democratic excuse makers when she claimed: “We lost because our party has, to some extent, lost white southerners due in part to the race of our president.”

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) made similar remarks when asked why Obama was so unpopular in her state. She said: “Let me be very, very honest with you, the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.” If she so weren’t blindly loyal to the president, Landrieu might realize that the real reason Obama has trouble presenting himself as a leader in her state or any other is that he isn’t a leader. Said another way, a president cannot lead from the golf course.

Landrieu’s claim about the South being an unfriendly placed for black Americans might have been plausible if it were still 1960, but this is 2014 and there have been a few changes Landrieu apparently doesn’t know about. For example, every major city in the South—including New Orleans—is governed in part by elected officials who are black. In fact, we have advanced far enough in the South since the bad old days of Jim Crow that we can now judge our elected officials on the basis of their performance in office with no concern for their race. Not only did Landrieu insult the very state she is supposed to represent, she insulted the intelligence of the American people.

When it comes to explaining the catastrophic failure of the president and the Democratic Party, liberals have become a one-trick pony. The only explanation they can offer is the hackneyed and discredited claim of racism. Frankly I think the American people are tired of being called racists any time they disagree with the ruinous domestic and foreign policies of Barack Obama. In fact, those who are tired of being called racists for refusing to give Barack Obama a pass on his failed presidency showed their displeasure at the ballot box on November 4th. This is obvious to even the least politically astute among us, yet the best Democrats can do is claim racism. Yawn.

Democrats remind me of the football team that loses a big game and can offer no better explanation than bad refereeing. Forget that they played a lousy game and the opposition played brilliantly. Football teams that offer excuses rather than taking a good hard look in the mirror and admitting their mistakes will continue to lose. So will the Democrats. I certainly do not wish for a revival of the Democratic Party, but if there is ever going to be one its leaders are going to have stop playing the race card at every turn and start doing some serious soul searching concerning the party’s manifest failures in the White House and Congress.

To help the Democrats get started with their long-overdue soul searching, I will use the remainder of this column to summarize some of the failures of the Obama administration, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi; failures that caused the Democratic Party to lose the confidence of the American people and, in turn, the mid-term elections. According to thefederalist.com (“10 Ways Obama Has Failed as President”) here are just a few of Obama’s failures that Democrats might want to think about as they continue sorting out the results of November 4th :

  • Obama’s failure to even try to encourage racial healing. Many of the people who voted for Barack Obama did so because they believed—as he promised—that he would help our country come together in racial harmony. As America’s first black president, he had a unique opportunity to do this. Unfortunately, he didn’t even try. First there was the face-saving Beer Summit, then his mishandling of the Trayvon Martin affair, and, more recently, his biased comments about events in Ferguson, Missouri. Barack Obama has done no more to help race relations in America than Bull Connor did in Birmingham in the 1960s. In fact, in a strange and perverted way and without intending to, Bull Connor did more to promote Civil Rights than Barack Obama has done.
  • Obama’s failure to turn the economy around. Admittedly, President Obama inherited a declining economy but rather than fix it he just made things worse. Hundreds of millions of so-called stimulus dollars were thrown into a bottomless pit on what Obama called “shovel-ready projects.” His shovel-ready projects turned out to be a myth. Another economic disaster presided over by the Obama White House was the waste of billions of dollars on so-called alternative energy projects, all of which failed and none of which would have done anything to solve the energy crisis even if they had worked. At the same time as he was throwing our tax dollars down a black hole labeled alternative energy projects, Obama stubbornly refused to allow the Keystone Pipeline project to go through. After all of this, the president has the gall to claim that his policies have created thousands of jobs in America. Nonsense. Despite the artificially optimistic unemployment figures claimed by the White House, America’s workforce participation rate is the lowest it has been in more than 50 years. Further, the only reason the nation’s unemployment figures look better than when Obama took office is because bureaucrats in the Labor Department count former executives who once had six-figure incomes as employed even when they are working part-time at Wal-Mart. Some economic recovery.
  • Obama’s failure to enact meaningful financial reforms. Everyone in the financial world knows how and why the Great Recession happened. Obama promised to enact financial reforms that would prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future. The only problem is that he didn’t. He claims that Dodd-Frank is the answer, but it isn’t. Dodd-Frank is all smoke and mirrors that does nothing to ensure meaningful financial reform. In fact, Dodd-Frank just made things worse by confusing the issue.
  • Obama’s failure to enact meaningful healthcare reform. Healthcare needed to be reformed, and there were some excellent proposals for reforming it. But instead of listening to people with expertise on the subject, Barack Obama contrived the misnamed Affordable Care Act, shoved it down the unwilling throats of the American people, and made the healthcare mess into a healthcare disaster. We now know he lied to us—the American public—about keeping our current policies and keeping our preferred physicians because he and his henchman, Gruber, think we are too stupid to know when we are being ripped off. Obamacare is a disaster that should be replaced in the first session of the new Congress.
  • Obama’s failure to enact meaningful immigration reform. Obama has threatened the new Republican Congress with an executive order on immigration, but he has no intention of passing meaningful immigration reform. He just wants to get five million new illegals in the Democrats corner prior to the 2016 elections.
  • Obama’s failure in Iraq. Obama thought he could score political points with an American public tired of war by unilaterally withdrawing American troops from Iraq, even without a status-of-forces agreement. But he didn’t plan on ISIS. Now America has an even bigger mess on its hands in Iraq than when Saddam Hussein still reigned. In fact, we are now—thanks to Obama’s ham-fisted handling of Iraq—less safe and secure from terrorists than we have been in 10 years. He responded to ISIS by ordering surgical air strikes and claiming there would be no ground troops sent to Iraq. Then without batting an eye he began sending in ground troops. The man is either a compulsive liar or the most incompetent commander-in-chief to ever occupy the Oval Office.
  • Obama’s failure to prevent the resurgence of a strong Russian dictator. President Putin of Russia has made President Obama look like a hapless wimp on the global stage. While Putin appears strong and in control, Obama appears weak and confused. As Obama’s prestige in the international arena has waned, Putin’s has grown. Obama has failed to stop nuclear proliferation in Iraq, allowed ISIS to make substantial progress toward establishing itself as a terrorist state, and done nothing to prevent Putin from retaking Crimea or Ukraine. No doubt Russia will enslave Ukraine in the near future, probably while Obama is still in office so they can easily get away with it.

Ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you feel safer now than when Obama first took office?, 2) Are you better off financially than when Obama first took office?, and 3) Do you feel better about the future of America now than when Obama first took office. On November 4th Americans answered all of these questions with a resounding “no” and, guess what Democrats, their answer had nothing to do with the race of our failed president.