It’s been said the devil appears as a handsome man.

That’s another way of saying that evil can happen right in the open and not be recognized. It may even seem appealing.

Now that the re-election of the Man Who Would Be King has been secured, evil is happening right in front of the American public’s eyes. It’s even announced itself in the Huffington Post.

During the campaign, it was obvious that Obama was playing off different classes of Americans against each other for his personal political advantage: women against men, Latinos against whites, gays against straights, even secularists against Christians, and everybody against wealthy conservatives.

Since the strategy obviously worked, a George Soros-backed group of Democrats calling itself the Campaign for America’s Future has started a website,, to promote class warfare in what CAF co-director Robert Borosage calls “our new Gilded Age of extreme inequality.”

“In 2012, candidates who supported the economic interests of the many over the few won their elections,” Borosage writes. “Populism was the voice, but economic opportunity was the message. The pundits may wring their hands, but in the future it won’t be values voters, angry white men or soccer moms that win elections. It will be class war.”

There is not yet any mission statement on the website, so CAF’s exact strategy for waging class war is unclear, but it evidently intends to start by targeting David Horowitz’s and World Net Daily, which inspired a hit piece in the Huffington Post that called WND an extremist website. (Pot, meet kettle.)

Richard Eskow, senior fellow of CAF, claims in his piece that even Republicans support class warfare, “So who, exactly, thinks ‘Wage Class War’ is unreasonable?”

That would be “tinfoil-hat ‘birther'” theorists, according to Eskow.

Or the answer could be Americans who know their history and can see Eskow’s group for what it is.

Class warfare has quite a history, in fact. Just look at the rise of any communist regime and you’ll find class warfare as a central strategy for destroying the old order and duping the masses into supporting the new, only to regret it very soon after.

Would Nazism have grown into the threat it became if Hitler and supporters didn’t first demonize wealthy (and especially Jewish) capitalists and stir up the working class to resist “exploitation” at their hands? Not likely.

Stalin also used class warfare against his own people. It was a doctrine he took straight from Karl Marx, who wrote extensively about the rising up of the working class against the wealthy.

The concepts of class warfare are being utilized today very effectively in Greece by the Golden Dawn party, which states in one of its blogs, “There is no room in the meritocratic society of Social Nationalism for an exploited and an exploitative class, but every social class has to do its part and give its share to the People’s Society, coordinated by the State of the National-Popular Government.” If you didn’t know the source, it could almost be a statement off the Obama campaign website.

Did you catch the part about “Social Nationalism”? In Germany, it was “National Socialism.” Even the Golden Dawn flag looks like a slightly rejiggered swastika.

In America, class warfare is now the strategy of the Democratic Party, or “Progressives” as they like to call themselves — a name shared with communist movements around the world.

Is it any wonder, then, that Golden Dawn has begun opening offices and making inroads in America? The presence of Golden Dawn agents in New York after Hurricane Sandy raised the alarm among some of the most delusional members of Occupy Wall Street, who were shocked that the fascists would be attracted to their movement and community.

In fact, Occupy Wall Street has been endorsed by American Nazi and Communist parties, which, let’s face it, share about 95 percent of the same goals and draw their people from the same pool of liberal lunkheads.
Which brings us back full circle to CAF and its class warfare website. CAF receives its funding from the Tides Institute, which supports the Occupy movement. Tides also funds Adbusters magazine, which provides the website that serves as the hub for Occupy planning and news.

Tides also funds, which is partnered with Occupy. MoveOn’s president is on the board of CAF. CAF director Roger Hickey was the co-founder of the Economic Policy Institute and was reportedly deeply involved in shaping Obamacare.

Tides and the Open Society Institute fund CAF. Tides, Open society and Economic Policy Institute are all groups founded and funded by Soros.

Soros has been on a years-long quest to subvert American freedoms and turn the country into a socialist wasteland. His first job as a teenager was working with the Nazis to take property from Jewish people, a job about which he said in an interview he had no guilt.

In the same interview, Soros said that time was when his “character” was formed.

The history of class warfare shows that it is a tactic that has been used by some of the most reprehensible human beings in the relentless pursuit of power at the expense of large numbers of victims — 11 million in Nazi Germany; 60 million under Stalin; 77 million under Mao. The numbers are so high that nobody is actually sure how accurate they are.

But there must have been something Soros liked about life under Nazi Germany since he spends his money forming groups to promote socialism and class warfare.

And now class warfare is warmly embraced by the Democrats, “champions of the middle class.”

But don’t say this all sounds familiar or connect any dots, because then you’re just plain crazy.