Hillary Clinton already has a running mate for 2016 in mind, according to several news sources.

Clinton is reportedly eying Incoming Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro for the role of vice president should she run again and is keeping the former San Antonio, Texas, mayor and his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, ‘very close’ just in case, says the Washington Post.

‘Clearly, if you were putting together a list of five people in the country who could potentially be a contributing running mate, you would have to put Julian Castro on that list,’ Henry Cisneros, former HUD Secretary for Bill Clinton, told WaPo.

‘A lot of people have mentioned the Clinton-Castro ticket, which I think would be very attractive,’ Democratic strategist Maria Cardona told Real Clear Politics last year.

The rising Democratic star has long been considered a potential running mate for Clinton or another Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, but until recently he didn’t have the kind of national profile and experience that is generally associated with the nation’s second in command.

That all changed when President Barack Obama nominated him as HUD secretary in May, a position he was confirmed for last month.

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