Why would you pay $195,000 to hear Clinton speak?
Check it out:

In an extraordinary intervention in British politics, former US President Bill Clinton today called for Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom – and then insulted the EU and members of the European Parliament by calling attention to the low voter turnout in last week’s elections, claiming that “they [the parliament] don’t have any power, so it might just be a way to vent steam.”

Clinton was speaking in London at a conference on Inclusive Capitalism. Neither Prince Charles nor IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, who spoke at the conference earlier today, stayed to hear the former U.S. President speak.

Federal financial records show that Clinton earns on average $195,000 per speech. Today he spoke for an hour, though said very little during his 60 minutes at the microphone.

Rather, he repeated platitudes (“Here is our job: we are defining the terms of our own interdependence”) about cooperation, telling anecdotes about his time in the White House, and even going back to the 1980s when he was Governor of Arkansas for anecdotes about the wise management of a steel plant.

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