You know, these people don’t change just because of an election.  They may change how they want to appear, but he’s still who he is.  Now, Clinton, I think, didn’t have as much of a core as Obama does.  When Clinton moved it was really for the benefit of Clinton.  When Obama moves it’s for the benefit of the movement.  When Obama moves it is for Alinsky; it’s for Soros; it’s for the world’s Marxists.  When he moves it is to simply camouflage who he is.  Remember, all committed leftists have to do this.  So he’s fulfilling the inside-the-Beltway template.  There’s almost a handbook if you live inside the Beltway, after a sitting president loses big in midterm elections, the template book says he will move to his opposition, whether he does or not, it’s what he’s gonna do.  It’s just what is done, everybody does this.  You got a reelection coming in two years, when the people reject you as soundly as Obama was rejected he has to move in the direction of the voters.  Clinton wanted to be liked.  Obama wants to be liked by Reverend Wright.  Obama wants to be liked by a certain group of people.  Nobody is ever going to convince me that Obama is going to change from being a hard-core leftist.  He’ll never admit what a hard-core leftist he is in a campaign, that’s the difference, but he is who he is; it’s not gonna change.

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