In what could be considered the journalistic equivalent of a 5th grade schoolyard fight, CNN has just taken their unabashed Trump bashing to an unprecedented level.

On Tuesday night, social media was abuzz with story regarding Donald Trump, Russian prostitutes, perverted acts, and blackmail by the Kremlin.  This all stemmed from a leaked report which was being held by American intelligence agencies claiming that the President-Elect was being compromised by the Russians for a combination of the items included in my previous sentence.


Donald Trump has now been the victim of a massive “fake” news hoax by CNN.

Not surprisingly; none of it has been substantiated.  Not one iota.  The Russians and Trump have both denied the entire report as “fiction”, and evidence has been discovered on the infamous prankster website 4Chan from months ago stating that the entire thing was a hoax played on the media.

The real story here is about our trust in the media, and how they’ve jumped the shark in early 2017 by tossing aside their journalistic integrity and their duty to the people of this nation in a feeble and transparent attempt to discredit and delegitimize the President-Elect.

Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election fair and square.  His victory was so sound, in fact, that the first attempts to taint his victory were literally stopped in court by sane and thoughtful judges who sent Jill Stein and her Hillary Clinton-backed recounts packing.

As the recount plans grew futile, a new scourge emerged:  The Russians.

Donald Trump was then said to be in the pocket of the Russians – a claim that to this day has zero evidence to support it.  So then the liberal media moved onto the cockamamy narrative that Russia was planting “fake” news in the conservative media to discredit Hillary Clinton during the election, allowing Donald Trump a path to victory.

The only problem with this theory is that Hillary Clinton’s only downfall was factual evidence of behaviors that she committed as Secretary of State.  It just so happens that whistleblower website Wikileaks was able to procure and publish information allowing us to learn of Clinton’s follies.

Then, of course, we had the famous hoax of the Russians providing Clinton’s emails to Wikileaks – a natural progression of the aforementioned “fake” news story that the liberals were forced to peddle when the original narrative went belly-up.  This entire Russian connection, and it’s many transformations, have been roundly rejected and debunked by the new, true media, and journalists outside of the liberal echo-chambers.

What CNN chose to do, by running this latest Russian blackmail story last night, was nothing more than an attempt at discrediting our President-Elect as a person.  Worse yet, is that by all reports, CNN had been working to substantiate these new reports for the better part of a year.  When they were unable to do so, they chose to run the story instead.  They ran it hours before a Donald Trump press conference, and they ran it nearly concurrent to Barack Obama’s final speech as President.

That was no accident.  By running the story near to a major political event such as Obama’s farewell address, you would have liberals the nation over tuned in and focused on politics on Tuesday night.  They would take to Twitter and Facebook to read and receive the reactions of their peers, and when the salaciously phony story about Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes hit the internet, the leftist armies of propaganda were sitting there, thumbs at the ready, spreading the entire, ugly, phony, thing.

It’s a classic propaganda move – one that would make even Adolf Hitler proud.