A number of critics of Obamacare, the president’s signature health care decision-making takeover, have argued that the plan actually violates the religious rights of American groups by forcing Christians to pay for abortions.

Among those who have issued such alarms are U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann, Michael Burgess and Louie Gohmert.

Now the same claims are carrying a little different weight; they’re being made in a lawsuit being brought by Belmont Abbey College of Belmont, N.C., against Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the federal agency, and others.

Phil Kent, chief of the American Seniors Association, told WND that there undoubtedly will be more claims filed in court against Obamacare on the grounds of religious persecution in the United States.

Burgess, a Texas congressman, was for 30 years a practicing physician and has written “Doctor In The House.” He told WND that Obama’s health care creation is “unknown and in flux” and the regulations that will be developed to support it are a danger.

It was just a few weeks ago the North Carolina college filed its case against the new health care regulations, saying it will be forced to buy contraceptives for its students in contravention of Catholic teaching.

It was estimated the college could be subject to $400,000 in penalties if it does not comply with the new Health and Human Services regulations, including if it does not pay for all FDA-approved contraceptives, such as Plan B (morning after pill) and Ella (week after pill).

Jeanne Monahan of the Family Research Center said in 2010 Ella is similar to the abortion pill RU-486 and capable of “destroying a life growing in [a] womb.” Such an abortifacient would violate the college’s religious teachings.

Emily Hardman, speaking on behalf of the Becket Fund, which is representing Belmont Abbey College in court, said to WND, “Obamacare strikes at the heart of religious liberty.”


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