Harvard professor, Charles Ogletree, has finally spoken the truth to the dilemma facing the world of law enforcement. In a well researched study, he found that it makes no difference as to the race or gender of the police, blacks and browns are less law-abiding than whites and commit more crimes than whites. Black, brown and white police were generally more committed to enforcing the law, even when the perpetrators were their own race. Yes, there are dishonest police, but the percentage is extremely low, and the focus on them works to lessen respect for them all. In my estimation, police do an incredible job, given the fractures, dangers and disdain placed upon them by race-baitors, leftists and police-haters that always seem to rise to the top of the pot.

So let’s look to what could be the determining factors that lead

to professor Ogletree’s conclusion.

Many factors are involved with this kind of study:

  1. Homes from which these criminals enter society. Are they two

parent homes? Is there criminal activity abided in these

homes? Is respect for the law a priority? Is there a moral

or religious attitude honored in the home?


  1. Are families raised with aspirations to advance? Is history

taught, with an appreciation of those of any and all color

who have contributed substantially to society? Is education

a high priority? Is there honor and respect for elders?


  1. Is home discipline practiced? Is there punishment for

wrongdoing? Is work an honored institution or is welfare a

time-honored dependency? Is value placed on honesty?


Most of the aforementioned realities are ingrained in the white,northern European communities and are sorely lacking in the families of blacks and browns today. Christianity taught the difference between right and wrong; the act of giving, rather than taking; honoring one’s parents; honesty; not bearing false witness nor stealing and killing. With the dismissal of the Christian ethics, nothing else takes its place. Schools were originally begun in this country with the Bible as the text. The truths it held were indispensable for a civilized society.

Honoring God, the Way, the Truth, the Life, has no replacement in any society. Even in schools, with the forced rejection of God and “ethics,” there is no adherence to binding elements of civilization. Without work, honesty, respect for oneself and others, helpfulness, love, and rejection of idleness, rudeness, dishonesty and slothful living, there can be no civility and society crumbles.


The proof of which professor Ogletree illustrated is tumbling down upon us with ferocity. We cannot define our own ethics or  non-ethics in a society which desires to, as Rodney King so aptly questioned: “Can’t we just get along?” We must abide with ethics of the community if they are similar; or move to where they are honored – or, even better, attempt to advance acceptable behavior with the aid of churches, clubs and activities that bring people together with common goals and achievements. If we desire the road out of mayhem, we must reach for goals that elevate aspirations and achievements and begin to honor those who build rather than kill, steal and destroy, because we will live with the results.


Christianity has the answer – and it’s not difficult.