Now, granted, the tax deal, this is an Obama zag.  One of the things I love is Obama’s triangulating.  He’s no more triangulating than I’m becoming a moderate.  There’s no way Obama is ever gonna become a moderate.  He’s pretending and I want to tell you, folks, I may be a lone wolf on this.  In any talk of an Obama win, how can you leave out the fact that Obama and the Democrats lost humiliatingly big in the omnibus?  Folks, that was the big thing.  That’s what they wanted.  That was hijacking the government for a year.  That was obviating the entire election.  If they were able to get that omnibus spending bill, in other words, if they were able to hijack and write in two days the entire budget for next year that had 2,000 pages, if they’d gotten that, this would have been funereal today.  But that was a huge defeat, and not just for Harry Reid.  As I look at this, the tax deal is what it is, and there’s plenty of bad stuff in it, and I still would have opposed doing it, but I think we coulda had everything we wanted waiting three weeks.  We coulda had tax cuts. Obama wouldn’t dare veto it.  I mean there’s no reason to have ethanol subsidies in there.  There’s no reason for any of this.  But it is what it is.  But to me, this tax deal, I actually think as I look at this, it might have been a head fake all along to get people distracted while the omnibus was taking place over there.

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