Since Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, liberals have been enjoying themselves at the expense of conservatives.  In fact, it has been a long time since conservatives have had much to celebrate in politics.  As conservatives, we have seen the Republican Party fumble two presidential elections in a row and then respond by making an ill-advised turn to the left.  We have had to endure the hand-fisted rule of a president who thinks he is a king and has no interest in bi-partisanship.  We have had to endure government policies that have slowed an economic recovery that hardly even qualifies as a recovery.  We have had to stand by helplessly as America’s standing in the world community declined precipitously.  We have had to endure the heartache of seeing our diplomatic personnel in Benghazi brutally murdered when they could have been rescued.  Then to rub salt in the wound, we could only sit and fume as government officials lied to us about what really took place while putting no effort into doing something about it.

We have had to watch from the sidelines as the current administration took a meat cleaver to the defense budget.  We have had to endure being called racists and bigots for disagreeing with the president’s policies.  We have had to watch in despair as the racial divide in America grew wider, undermining years of hard-won progress on race relations. We have had to witness the rise of the entitlement mentality and the undermining of initiative, drive, and hard work in a nation known worldwide for its positive work ethic. There is much more that could be written along these lines but, the point is obvious—particularly if you are a conservative.  While it is true that the last five plus years have not been good ones for conservatives,  at long last, it looks like things may be about to change.

I am predicting that 2014 is going to be a banner year for conservatives.  Why?  In a word, Obamacare.  By cavalierly ignoring the concerns of the opposition, by foisting his misnamed pet project—the Affordable Care Act—on voters who did not want it, and by ramming Obamacare through Congress in an egregious display of raw political power, President Obama had already set the stage for a dose of comeuppance for the Democrat Party.  But when thousands of Americans received notices of huge premium increases while thousands more had their policies abruptly cancelled—things President Obama promised over and over would not happen—the odds of there being a real comeuppance for Democrats became even more favorable.  The disastrous roll out of Obamacare just improved those odds. But what really sealed the deal for a well-deserved comeuppance for Democrats in 2014 was the revelation that Barack Obama and his henchmen knew all along that thousands of Americans would either lose their insurance policies or see their premiums skyrocket.  He knew this was going to happen when he looked into the camera and promised it wouldn’t.

Someone should have reminded those Democrats who have been so self-righteously haughty about their recent political ascendency of the old maxim that says: What goes around comes around.  Had the Democrats been more willing to listen to serious questions raised by Republicans, had the Democrats in the U.S. Senate not used their majority like a steamroller in passing Obamacare, and had the president told the truth about the so-called Affordable Care Act, things might have been different.  But that is all water under the bridge now.  The president not only ignored the concerns of many Americans about his healthcare plan and refused all attempts to develop a bi-partisan alternative, he lied to Americans about the particulars of the ACA.  Consequently, he has almost guaranteed that 2014 will go down in the Democrat Party’s history as a year of infamy.  As a conservative concerned about the future of our country, I can’t wait.  The impending comeuppance could not happen to a more deserving group.