In a previous column, I wrote about Obama’s stated highest
priority in his last two years.  It appears that that was
only a “masking” phrase used by the deceiver-in-chief.  No,
he said it; but he really had much more devious plans in

In my many years, I have never seen anything close to the
chaos created by any president to what is churning today.
We are now experiencing Islamic terrorism in most of the
western world, plus the gory details of Islamic barbarism in
Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, across Europe and other places where
Islam has taken root.  In cahoots with the United Nations,
we are “resettling” thousands of Muslims in this country –
and have been for twenty years or more.  Dearborn, Michigan,
is a prime example why this deadly experiment should have
met its demise long ago.  Somali’s have almost taken over
the Minnesota twin cities and the picture is not pretty.
Muslims do not leave their hatred of Christianity behind and
the ill-advised open borders to them is creating a landscape
of evil across this land with radical clerics in mosques
across the country indoctrinating young, impressionable
minds to follow the Quran when it comes to deceiving, lying
and subduing those who don’t accept their religion of hate.
There are more than 3000 mosques in the United States and
according to a new study, 80 percent of them promote Shariah
law that advances terrorist activities against non-
believers.  This is not speculation; Shariah law is part and
parcel of their “manual of deceit.”

We have a president today who, by all words and deeds, is
Muslim to the core.  He has not missed a chance to
criticize, condemn, despise and even refuse assistance to
Christians in this country and in desperate conditions in
other places around the world, in deference to Muslims.  The
National Day of Prayer brought out the worst display of
“prayer” in its history.  Using this day as a pulpit to
proclaim his animosity towards Christianity during the
middle ages, but silent concerning the atrocities committed
by Muslims over the centuries should be a wakeup call to
anyone who has only suspected him of being a borderline
Christian or “moderate” of anything, except Islam.  He
obviously has no concept of “prayer,” unless it’s the
“beautiful strain” coming from the Islamic mosque’s prayer
tower of his youth in Kenya and Indonesia.

Decimating the ranks of the military by relieving, demoting,
dismissing all those commanders who held this country in the
highest esteem, left what we have now only as a tool to
carry out his evil schemes.  More and more of the retired
(and/or dismissed) generals and admirals are voicing their
assessment of a president whom they view as an enemy of our
country, its constitution and even our way of life.  One of
the latest is retired four-star admiral James Lyons, who has
every right to voice his criticism of the questionable
tenant in the Whitehouse.  Retired Army generals Boykin,
McInerney, Schwarzkopf, Tommy Franks, Singlaub and others
see a commander-in-chief whose only aim seems to be to
destroy our military, our country and even our Christian
heritage.  They see a man with no birth certificate; a
grandmother in Kenya who claims that he was born in that
country; a social security card with someone else’s number –
actually, a man with no credentials whatsoever.

We have a “wrecker-in-residence,” whose statement during the
first election that he was going to fundamentally transform
this country was a lie.  His intent, as we have seen, was
not to change, but to “destroy” this country; and he is well
on his way to accomplish this diabolical scheme.  It
wouldn’t be out of the question to arrest this imposter;
take him before a military tribunal and there, let him prove
his innocence – or admit his guilt.  With that probably never
happening, we best keep our eyes open and hang on tight for
the chaotic ride the next two years.  Lord, help us.