Never let a storm, earthquake, major uprising, war or even
black thugs burning the city interfere with a great day on the
golf course.  That’s what the Presidency is all about, isn’t
it?  Of course, the course – those are just some of the perks
we guarantee the top enemies of the country.  It’s what’s in
their genes: start a scandal and leave town – hide out until
the party redefines it all.  In recent memory, we had men at
the helm when all Hell was breaking loose – to actually guide
the nation during the worst of times.  Not so, the present
incumbent to the office.  When Benghazi was in flames, where
was the Prez?  Hmmmm…who knows?  When police try to maintain
civility in a city of “government sanctioned dependency” and
riots break out, with like-minded thugs from around the nation
scurrying in like buzzards to a carcass, where is the Prez?
Well, who would even think it?  The course, of course.  When
evil monsters in the ISIS world commit unconscionable
atrocities, even to beheading an American citizen on video –
where is the Prez?  Who knows; not even a comment from the
before-mentioned “Commander in Chief!”

Pogo was basically wrong when he said: “We has met the enemy,
and he is us.”  But there is one amongst us who is.  If truth
be told, he actually admitted that from the beginning.  His
statement that he was going to “fundamentally change” this
nation, was met with unending cheers from the know-nothing
voters, the media and certainly, all the left leaning
followers of Cloward and Piven, Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin and
Mao.  Immobilize the economy; break the nation’s bank; put as
many people on the dole as possible and even hire extra
government workers to infiltrate the working class and tout
“free government money” to as many gullible people as
possible.  It has worked, I think, even more calamitously than
even he thought possible.  It is unfortunate that so many saw
this coming – but the overwhelming power sitting in Congress
was complicit in this contemptuous and egregious exercise of
malfeasance in office, to the point of blunting any measure of
resistance.  Scandal after scandal – each one seemingly
scheduled to obscure the last and redirect counter efforts to
fighting straws in the wind.

But Barack Obama has an immense problem.  That problem may
become his undoing.  He does not know America.  It is a good
nation – the best the world has ever known.  He has no
knowledge of America; virtually no experience in anything of
value; no stake in the nation; no military experience in
defending our nation, no heritage, no interest, no love, no
appreciation of who “we, as a people” are.  When one of “his”
highest ranking generals was recently killed in Iraq and
buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Obama was, of course,
playing golf.  What a slap in the face of all of our military!
He had no comment and his deference to “his game” gave the
country a glimpse, once again, of his detachment to a country
that he is systematically bringing to its knees, with the full
assistance of the Democratic Party and his henchmen in his
administration.  The damage to morale, the military, the
economy, “common core” public school education, IRS
harassment, persecution of Christians, et al, is continuing
unabated.  November 2014 and 2016 can’t come quickly enough.
In elections to come, character and authenticity will count
more than ever.  For now, the question remains: what lies
behind this mesmerizing disguise?