Making long division long.
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Michael J. Petrilli has been fighting a courageous uphill battle. Petrilli, who is an executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, has written extensively on the gross misunderstanding of the Common Core Curriculum Standards, predominantly by commenters on the right. In one of his articles, he even takes LU’s own Renee Nal to the toolshed for citing a resource in one of her posts — a factoid from the website — that Petrilli harrumphs “has absolutely zero to do with the Common Core.”

Renee’s piece never claimed that it did — but fine. Let’s focus instead on a website that was expressly created with an eye toward meeting the Common Core Standards. The site, UClass, is a collection of “vetted resources created by teachers.”

Each lesson plan, worksheet and assessment has passed our Common Core inspection with flying colors, making it easier than ever to teach any standard effectively in your classroom.

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