Education in America is not what it used to be and sadly, we won’t get the true results for decades..
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Nurture or nature—is one of these responsible for the pitiful state of American students? I got news – we’re in BIG trouble if it’s nature.

Because if it’s nature, it means Americans are producing intellectually inferior people. Not easy to measure, and unfair to impose reproductive incentives to the intellectually superior while bribing the others to hold up on bearing young. But, if it’s nurture, we can fix the system in which we foster academia.

Right now the system is suffering, and the data proves it. High school graduation statistics are more than embarrassing. They are an indication of a national crisis. According to one source only 69% of American high school seniors earn diplomas! We are no longer Number One in quality and quantity of high school graduates, we’ve fallen to below the top 10%. Half of our Bachelor Degree candidates are taking six years instead of four to finish.

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