One of the many “hats” a president wears when he or she is elected is the communicator in chief for the country. The president needs to be able to “sell” his agenda and point of view on different issues to the American people and Congress. We are currently seeing this right now with the president trying to sell the idea of military action in Syria to the American people.

The President has launched a public relations campaign to try to sell the idea that our country needs to intervene in the conflict in Syria. President Obama has come to the realization that by calling on Congress for a vote, he actually now needs to build a relationship with them for the first time in years. Most, if not all of Obama’s main policies and implementations have been through executive orders or forced through with backdoor deals and behind closed doors (Obamacare). Now, the President needs the support of Congress in order to keep his credibility; there is no doubt that if the Congress votes down action in Syria, this will hurt his credibility. The president should have enough influence and sway to get a very important issue like Syria (even though hours after his speech that announced he was going to seek congressional approval he was teeing off at the golf course) through the Congress and have a good majority of the American people on board.

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