Have a blessed day!

A Georgia community rallied behind one of their own after the retail chain Walmart prohibited him from giving customers the greeting they had all grown to love.

James Philips has been the greeter at the Blue Ridge Walmart for years and always said the same thing to their patrons, “Have a blessed day.” So when the company received a single complaint and banned him from saying it, the community was outraged and placed a massive amount of pressure on the retail behemoth, according to ABC13.

“I wasn’t trying to start a movement, but I am very appreciative that people thought enough of me to stand up for me this way,” said Philips, according to WSB-TV. “I want to just be one of the best greeters I know how to be.”

Thousands of people from within the community and elsewhere flooded Walmart’s social media pages, and others even flocked Walmart’s headquarters to protest the chain’s decision. ABC13 reports that people were even coming from out of town just to see Philips at the location.

In light of the heavy pressure from outraged customers, Walmart reversed its course and decided to allow Philips to continue with his greeting.

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