The controversy over Ann Romney and working moms hits Democrats in their sweet spot. They have tried to criticize Republicans for supporting policies they say would hurt women. And in the race for control of the Senate, Democrats have a lot at stake because they’ll have far more women on the ballot.

In fact, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has begun to tout a message that 2012 will be a historic year for women in the Senate. The committee has endorsed 11 female candidates, five challengers in addition to six incumbents facing re-election.

Democrats have a majority of seats in the Senate, currently 53 to 47. But they also have the majority of seats up for re-election, 23 out of 33. Losing four of these seats without picking up any new ones would mean that Republicans would gain the majority.

With this in mind, the math becomes clear: The Democratic path to maintaining the majority will run through the party’s female candidates.

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