Horsford lays the first brick for the foundation of the government’s overblown slaughter of innocent Americans whose only “crime” was to have the nerve to stand up to the Federal Government.
Check it out:

No doubt the US government can snuff out the life of one innocent anonymous American citizen without giving it too much thought, but when it comes to systematically executing a group of armed citizens the federal government must first lay the groundwork in order to mollify the public.

Much like the propaganda practices of Nazi Germany, the Federal government knows it needs to bamboozle the public into accepting the most ludicrous policies as “necessary”.

You see, the systematic murdering of innocent citizens perpetrated openly by the government would not be tolerated by the masses. But if you lie BIG enough and LONG enough and do so CONTINUOUSLY when you finally take your tyrannical actions and execute the aforementioned innocent citizens, the masses will view it through lenses that the government has lowered over their eyes.

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