This past summer I spent an entire day with PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel at his Macho Sauce Productions studios.  AlfonZo has some amazing upcoming projects including an appearance in the new movie Runaway Slave which will be opening in January. 

Since Barack Obama took office in 2008, his administration has seemingly been trying to create huge race/class divisions between Conservatives and liberals.   Almost daily someone in the media comes out swinging their race card, trying to vilify Conservatives and/or the Tea Party. 

For years, AlfonZo Rachel has been creating brilliant mini history lessons via his PJTV videos, telling the truth about the huge role Democrats have played in everything from perpetuating slavery, forming the KKK and fighting against the Civil Rights movement.  Following is the final part of my interview with AlfonZo about race relations in America 2011.

A-M:  I want to talk about ‘white guilt’.  I remember the first time I saw the TV movie Roots when I was a little girl and I despised white people after seeing it.   The thing is, if you call me a tree, it’s not going to hurt my feelings because I know I’m not a tree.  Same with being called a racist—I know I’m not one so I don’t care how many people call me that.  But there are a lot of people out there who’ve been conditioned to cower when called a racist and with the constant barrage of racist accusations being thrown at Conservatives daily, what do you suggest we do about it?

AZ:  There isn’t anything for white people in general to be guilty about.  Democrats?  That’s a whole other story and we can go on for days about that.  With some Democrats, to their credit, some do say at some point we need to let go.  The only thing is, the other side of their mouth they keep the issue alive.  They have to—they’re dependent on it.

For example the Congressional Black Caucus—they’re trying to win over the favor again because the people in the black community are starting to see it.  They’re saying, ‘you come with these promises but you’re not delivering.’  So someone like Maxine Waters comes in and says, ‘It’s your fault because you won’t let us say what we want to say to the black president.  If we say anything to Obama, you’re gonna say we’re selling out.  So Maxine Waters displaces blame and problems although she’s the reason people in her district have those problems in the first place.

With the whole white guilt thing, some people in the black community are hung up on this that they’re the only race that’s ever been enslaved.  Slavery isn’t exclusive to them; they may have been the latest, but it’s not exclusive to the Black community.  And guess what, if it makes you feel better there was a time when Africans enslaved white people.  We have the Moors, Northern African tribes.  Whether it’s France, Spain, Italy, the reason why they’re not blonde hair, blue eyed anymore and has brown hair and brown eyes is because of us—we did that!  So slavery isn’t exclusive to the Black community.  That’s why we’ve got Slavic’s, they were slaves.  Everyone has been persecuted or enslaved; everybody’s territory has been conquered; everybody’s tribe has been raped, pillaged, burned, sacrificed on alters, you name it—every race has had their problems—it isn’t just something that has happened to black people.  It’s been the Indians, white people, and people in Asia.  Get over yourselves!  Take the chips off your shoulders; stop being a bunch of victims.

I can’t stand it when black people talk about all this stuff is white people.  You talk about black pride, why do you give white people so much power over you?  Why do you feel like the white man has his foot on your neck?  If you’re so strong and full of pride, get your ass up then!  I don’t wanna hear this stuff anymore.  It’s old and it makes us look like a bunch of punks.  I ain’t no punk so I don’t give anybody that much power over me.  I’m not gonna blame anybody for what my shortcomings might be.  If I have two arms, two legs and somewhat of a brain, I’m gonna keep going and I’ll keep looking forward.  But this whole victim mentality is a cancer.

You can find AlfonZo Rachel on and be sure to watch for his upcoming film Runaway Slave, in theaters this January.

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