I recently wrote a column titled “Conservative Christian Speaker Kicked Off High School Campus” in which I chronicled Bradlee Dean’s unfortunate experience at the hands of Constitutionally-challenged administrators at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida. To review, Mr. Dean—a nationally known Christian speaker, musician, and author—was invited to speak at Spanish River High School by the American Club (a student organization). Upon Mr. Dean’s arrival, the school’s principal refused to allow him to speak on campus. We do not know if this principal is really anti-Christian in his worldview or just one of those people who has been beaten down by the demands of political correctness in a system controlled by leftwing humanists. In either case, the result was the same.

In my earlier column I wrote: “Unfortunately for the principal who took it upon himself to remove Bradlee Dean from the campus of Spanish River High School—but fortunately for supporters of the First Amendment—the situation is not yet over. In fact, for this feckless administrator things are really just getting started.” As things turned out, my words were prophetic. Not one to meekly accept anti-Christian bias—especially when it is coming from a system that bends over backwards to support any religion except Christianity—and certain the Constitution supported him, Mr. Dean decided to take legal action.

Dean’s attorney sent a letter to the administrators who had refused to allow him access to the high school campus citing the First Amendment and a concept known as “viewpoint discrimination.” Richard Mast of Liberty Counsel wrote: “The district’s videotaped reaction to Bradlee showed that administration officials were familiar with his position on various issues, and that his statements and reputation were the motivations behind his denial and ejection from the school…The district later proferred the club’s alleged failure to follow protocol as the reason for its denial. ‘Paperwork errors’ were the only obstacles that the district could come up with to justify itself; once these were addressed, the district had no choice but to approve.”

When it became clear that Mr. Dean knew his First Amendment rights and was more than willing to fight for them, the school district relented and Bradlee Dean made his presentation to an enthusiastic crowd of students. Commenting on his religious-discrimination victory, Mr. Dean said: “The truth of the matter is, I know what it is like to be forgotten about, therefore it is easy to stand up and fight for what you love and I love this generation enough to fight for them. It stands true, God will give you what you are willing to fight for. No excuses. And today’s victory at the American Club, Spanish River High School speaks for itself. God has not changed—the American people have.”

Mr. Dean’s willingness to fight for his First Amendment rights and for religious liberty is an example all conservatives and Christians would do well to follow. Liberal radicals and secular humanists are doing their best to take away the Constitutional rights of Christians specifically and Americans in general. Some liberal academicians—frustrated by judges who actually follow the Constitution when deciding First Amendment cases—now claim that the Constitution is outdated and unnecessary. They advocate eliminating it. This is an ironic stance to take since the left has distorted, misinterpreted, and abused the Constitution so blatantly and for so long that it would not be recognizable to the men who wrote and approved it. An important lesson for conservatives and Christians to take away from this little kerfuffle at Spanish River High School is that conservatives and Christians still have rights, but only if we are willing to stand up and fight for them.