Doesn’t sound possible in these politically correct days, but according to The Washington Times – there’s a new comedy show which does plenty of skewering of everyone – including the normally hands-off Barack Obama – without making it seem like America is the bane of everything evil.

The Flipside with Michael Loftus” is just what it sounds like:

You’ve heard all the late-night jokes about how the U.S. is responsible for everything stupid and horrific going on in the world – now you’re finally going to watch a comedy show that gives you The Flipside:

By Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times

Those weary of annoying liberal chatter and America bashing in the comedy realm have a new alternative. That would be “The Flipside”, a weekly half-hour broadcast dicing through politics and culture, but produced by a group of stalwart creatives who have some serious conservative underpinnings, with a few dashes of libertarianism.

Monologue on Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever.. [BELOW]

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