Much has been made over the past few years in the political and cultural zeitgeist regarding the differences where Republicans, Libertarians, the Tea Party and Conservatives collide. So what exactly is a conservative and what does it mean to be a Conservative? Confused? You’re in luck – I just happen to have the answer, and I’m not going to be a smart-ass for once. Some background:
Conservatism is not a political movement, group or party. It is a philosophy, developed from the trial and error of our history of human experience over hundreds and even thousands of years of civilization.

It is based on knowledge. Learning what works and what is destructive in the nature of mankind.

Contemporary conservatism in America is a fairly simple concept: It promotes liberty, capitalism and is based on the founding principles in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If that sounds rigid and stodgy; it is not. There is more than one way to change or amend the Constitution included plainly into the document by the framers, so as to make it a continually up-to-date playbook, but with those procedures for modification sufficiently demanding so as not to make it whimsical, however.

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