This past summer I spent an entire day with PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel at his Macho Sauce Productions studios.  AlfonZo has some amazing upcoming projects including an appearance in the new movie Runaway Slave which will be opening in January. 

 Since Barack Obama took office in 2008, his administration has seemingly been trying to create huge race/class divisions between Conservatives and liberals.   Almost daily someone in the media comes out swinging their race card, trying to vilify Conservatives and/or the Tea Party. 

For years, AlfonZo Rachel has been creating brilliant mini history lessons via his PJTV videos, telling the truth about the huge role Democrats have played in everything from perpetuating slavery, forming the KKK and fighting against the Civil Rights movement.  Following is part 1 of 4 of the interview I conducted with AlfonZo about race relations in America 2011.

 A-M:  AlfonZo, as white people we’re told if you say anything about racism you’re a racist.  If you don’t say anything about race, you’re a racist.  In other words, we can’t win.  The Black Caucus has said the Tea Party wants to lynch people; actor Morgan Freeman said people don’t want Obama to be reelected because he’s Black.  What do we do?

AZ:  As always, the Democrats try to control the narrative and in this case they want to make sure the accusations come out and they pretend that Republicans are the ones who started this whole thing.  It’s all projection, all smoke and mirrors.   All these things Black people are angry about, it wasn’t white people in general that did this to them, it was Democrats—white Democrats.  Whether it was trying to keep slavery legal, white Democrats.  Whether it was when Republicans got their way and abolished slavery, Democrats had a hissy fit and formed the Ku Klux Klan.  That was Democrats.  Jim Crowe laws, Dred Scott decisions, revocation of Civil Rights, this was all Democrats—Republicans didn’t have anything to do with that.  But the Democrats know what gets them votes.  At the times, if you were Democrat that was a way to get votes.  The Southern region wanted to be able to force people into slavery.  There was slavery in the North, too, but the difference between slavery in the North and the South was if Republicans freed slaves, what would happen is Democrats would force the freed slaves into slavery.  At the time, the safest place for a Black person to be was in slavery with the Republicans.  Republicans kept slaves in a lot of ways for their protection because if they let them go, they were going to get caught by Democrats who would enslave them brutally.  So as it is right now, Democrats want to change and throw slavery back onto the Republicans and it’s just not us.  We had nothing to do with it.

A-M:  So what do we do about this?

AZ:  We do what we’re doing right now—talking about it and we’ve gotta keep talking about it.  The big problem Republicans have, like you said before, if you say too much about it, you’re labeled a racist; if we don’t say enough about it, racist.  And actually it’s worse to not say anything about it because Republicans have a tendency to have a sour grape attitude in that if they can’t say anything and if they get pushed back from Democrats, they say ‘you know what, I don’t even have time for this—I’ve got work to do.’  This in a way is good because that’s why we have this problem—because Republicans are working, just trying to feed their families and live the American Dream so they can provide goods and services to other people so they can put food on their tables, too.  But thing is, when you’re doing that, keeping your head down, you’ve got other people who are trying to run their programs, and their program is to get what you’ve got and they’ll use any means.  They’ll use race warfare, class war, sex war, whatever they can to make sure they can get into your pocket while you’re trying to work.  That’s how Democrats and liberals roll.  As far as Conservatives go, sometimes you have to say this conversation just can’t be one-sided in your favor anymore.  This is where we’ve got to come in and say, ‘you’ve been lying and we’re going to call you out on it.’  But when you do that it, it’s going to be like throwing salt on a slug.  They’re gonna act like demons getting holy water thrown on them and work their way into a fit, but we have to stand there and face it.  Every time we tell them that they say ‘well, there was a big party switch and there was the Southern Strategy and we can’t have that conversation anymore’ which is all bogus!  Everything is all bogus!  The ‘party switch’ was bogus; the Southern Strategy was bogus!  When they try to come back with all their excuses, you’ve gotta know in our mind that this is bogus.

When they try to say there was a party switch, Blacks were switching sides long before the so-called big ‘party switch’.  They were switching sides back in FDR’s day.  What were Black people’s reasons for voting Democrat back then?  There was no excuse—it was entitlements.  What happened was Democrats disenfranchised the Black community.  It was like Democrats poisoned the water, then they accused somebody else of doing it, then they came back around the front with a doctor’s jacket on saying ‘we have the cure’.  That’s how they roll.  So what they did is they disenfranchised the Black community, kept them away from education, separated them from Republicans and stepped in saying, ‘you know what, we’re your friends.  We have the Food Stamps, we have the entitlements; you throw your votes our way, you’ll be happy.’  It was just another way to keep the Black community enslaved.

So Black people were voting Democrat long before the so-called party switch.  As far as the Southern Strategy goes, the only thing Democrats can say was that Nixon was using ‘southern sentiment language.’  Well, what’s this language?  Nixon was trying to appeal to white Christian voters–big deal, so what?  That’s how he was getting them to believe that there’s more to America important than you hating Black people; there’s your country, your rights and so forth.  This is what Nixon was focusing on, it wasn’t the sentiment of keeping people enslaved and segregated, he was appealing to their Christianity.  Even though Southerners were racists, which ain’t very Christ-like, they still had enough self-righteousness to think that they were Christians and that’s what Nixon was speaking to.  So the whole Southern Strategy thing is bogus.

Not only that, here’s where you can really call them out on their hypocrisy.  When they talk about how the Democrats switched sides and that now the racists are the Republicans, if they’re going to go there, then they have to admit that Democrats were racists in the first place!  But they won’t even do that.  So racists Democrats turned into racist Republicans—so first you have to admit they were racists.  Those racist Democrats went over to the Republican side only to pass Civil Rights.  How does that make sense?  Democrats did themselves a favor by staying Democrats—that’s how George Wallace got elected, on a racist platform.  You got people out there like Bull Connor—Democrat, member of the KKK, out there hosing people.  Martin Luther King, Republican.  People don’t want to admit that but Martin Luther King knew who he was fighting.  Martin Luther King got put in jail—who put him in jail?  Democrats did.  Bull Connor was hosing the people that were marching with him or protesting in his honor.  These were all Democrats!  Look at the history of the south.  Look at their governorship, their legislature—all Democrats throughout their history.  So the whole Southern Strategy thing is a myth.  This whole thing about Democrats becoming Dixiecrats and then going to Republicans?  Myth.  They all went back to the Democrat Party.  The one Republican that Democrats always wanna point to is Strom Thurman.  That’s your cherry pick?  That’s all you got?  I got a whole list of Dixiecrats who went back to the Democrat Party.  There are no Dixiecrats that are in the Republican Party!  Robert Byrd?  Forgiven!  It just goes to show you, racism is forgiven in the Democrat Party.  You wanna be a racist, the place for you to be is in the Democrat Party—you come over to the Republican side, we’re gonna throw you out!  If you want to keep to those Dixiecrat sentiments, we’ve seen it happen—Trent Lott?  Bye.  Don’t even try to play those Dixiecrat sentiments with us, you’re gone.

A-M:   Then is it a matter of not backing down?  Like you say, usually with Republicans arguing with liberals, we get to a certain point and then we leave.  Should we stay at it, continue reminding them the actual facts and history of their own party?  Many don’t even know who their Democrat Party really is.

AZ:  Don’t even feel like with Democrats you have to have all the facts.  Be as honest as you can be with what you know.  None of us have all the answers; Democrats certainly don’t—but they know how to lie real good.  The difference is that you have to remember they’re lying.  So don’t be concerned with having all the facts because facts don’t matter to them anyway.  Just know at the end of the day they’re not going to change you.  At some point you’re going to probably have to say ‘at this point I may not know how to address what you’re saying because more than likely it’s not going to be true.’  It’s like Rush Limbaugh would say, ‘Don’t have an argument with an idiot because somebody else listening won’t be able to tell the difference.’  So at some point you may have to say, ‘You’re saying something that I know isn’t true.  I may not know how to respond to you, but I do know that you’re lying.’  From there, you don’t just step away from the argument and say you can’t be bothered with this, go back and research what they said and chances are you’re going to find out they were lying!  They go back to them and let them know you know the truth.